A thank-you note from Paradigm Initiative

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At the beginning of 2017, Paradigm Initiative’s expansion plan took us back to the drawing board. From the search for team members – with the right mix of relevant expertise, local knowledge and context appreciation – to teaming up with new partners and expanding our existing coalition, we were able to extend our digital rights work into the rest of Anglophone West Africa, East/Southern Africa and Francophone Africa. We also deepened our digital inclusion reach within Nigeria, with the introduction of resident programs in secondary schools and tertiary institutions across the country.

In addition to the hearty work put in by our team across offices in Aba, Abuja, Blantyre, Kano, Lagos (HQ and Ajegunle) and Yaounde, 2017 could not have happened without the huge support of our volunteers, partners and advisory board members – Prof. Pat Utomi, Dr. Jummai Umar-Ajijola, Dr. Aida Opoku-Mensah, Nick Jekogian and Dr. Seyi Adebayo-Olubi – who continue to advise, inspire and challenge us to do more.

It was a year that came with opportunities for our digital inclusion program as we expanded our LIFE training program beyond the Aba, Ajegunle and Kano centres and took the program into 5 secondary schools in Abia, Lagos and Kano state. The LIFE@School program graduates can now join their colleagues who benefit from the 10-week digital readiness program to start entrepreneurial activities or get internships/jobs early based on new skills acquired. Our Techtiary program also added 5 tertiary institutions while the 2017 Techtiary Forum was attended by students from 27 tertiary institutions from five of Nigeria’s six zones.

In 2017, the Digital Rights and Freedom Bill was passed by the House of Representatives and while we know that a lot of work must now go towards completing the legislative process and implementing the landmark positive rights legislation, we wish to thank the sponsor, Hon. Chukwuemeka Ujam, for his dedication and sacrifice. To end the year, our bi-lingual (English and French) Digital Rights in Africa report, featuring 21 countries across Central, East, North, Southern and West Africa, was launched on December 19 at the 2017 Internet Governance Forum in Geneva. Our annual Internet Freedom Forum, which held in April 2017, was attended by stakeholders from 33 countries!

On behalf of the entire team at Paradigm Initiative, I thank all our partners for the continued support. While our focus is on impact and not numbers, we are glad to see that more under-served youth are getting connected to improved livelihoods through our digital inclusion and digital rights programs. As we embark on the 2018 journey, we look forward to your support. Together, we will have a most productive 2018. Daalu. E seun. Nagode.

‘Gbenga Sesan

Executive Director

‘Gbenga Sesan: Huge Thanks From Paradigm Initiative

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In just a few days, 2016 will be history. What a year this was!

At Paradigm Initiative, we had a busy and productive year. We added a new office in Kano, reviewed our strategy to reach more youth, upgraded training curriculum to align with new market demands, welcomed additional team members, signed agreements with new partners and added value to the lives of more under-served youth!

After running the #DigitalJobs campaign for 2 years, Paradigm Initiative folded the campaign into our LIFE program to enrich the student experience and focus our impact on students who are able to get the full 8-week (now 10 weeks) LIFE experience. It’s no surprise that 1 in every 2 LIFE program graduates either got internships, jobs or built businesses around skills learnt this year. Of course, many got a chance to earn enough in order to continue with the tertiary education they always wanted! It only gets better as we roll out the new curriculum in 2017.


The TENT program (which gets a new name, Techtiary, in 2017) grew from just one school to four, with active student-led groups that spent the year adding skills that will help them graduate with more than just CVs! The least they’ll graduate with are market-ready skills in high demand, and who knows, some of them could hire their colleagues to start out even before convocation day. Some of our students who started the program 5 years ago, now in their final year, are using the projects they started in Year 1 as their Final Year Project. We deepen the impact in 2017, as student-led groups come to additional schools across Nigeria.

2016 was very busy for the ICT Policy program — which will be known as Magoyi (Hausa word for advocate) from next year — at Paradigm Initiative no thanks to various government policies and actions that threatened citizen’s online rights. We published reports, shared educative information, hosted solution-focused meetings, lobbied at the National Assembly, discussed “complex” issues with relevant agencies and went to court when amber turned red on some of the issues. Considering the similar nature of threats to Digital Rights across Africa during the year — and with the new trend of Internet/application shutdowns and repressive laws/policies — we launched our first Digital Rights in Africa report at the recently concluded Internet Governance Forum. And for the Digital Rights and Freedom Bill, 2016 was a good year. The Bill was introduced on the floor of the House, got first and second reading, and we teamed up with the Committee on Human Rights to make sure the December 5 Public Hearing was public – streamed live and with input from diverse stakeholders.

This year, we welcomed Intel (through the #SheWillConnect program), Facebook, AccessNow, CDI Global (a global network of Digital Inclusion organisations that will help deepen our work in Nigeria and expand into Africa), Global Network Initiative (through an Internews Fellowship) and Ford Foundation (with multi-year support to expand our Digital Rights work beyond Nigeria) as Paradigm Initiative partners, to strengthen our existing stakeholder ecosystem. Hajia Jummai Umar-Ajijola, PhD, a seasoned expert with experience across business and civil society, also agreed to join the Paradigm Initiative Advisory Board!

I’m sure you saw what I did throughout this message, with Nigeria missing from our name. It’s not a typo, and we’re not leaving Nigeria 🙂 From January 3, 2017, Paradigm Initiative’s focus as a social enterprise will be pan-African. Our Digital Rights work is taking us into new regions on the continent, and we’ll tell you more about that at the Internet Freedom Forum holding April 25-27 in Lagos. If you are yet to register, please head to and register immediately. You’ve also probably noticed that our social media handles changed to @ParadigmHQ. It’s all part of the process that has now started and will culminate in a reintroduction of your favourite Digital Rights and Digital Inclusion social enterprise in April 2017.

December Newsletter

As we did just before 2016, and do each year, the team met last week to plan each day of 2017 and we’re now in holiday mode. As we prepare to hit the ground running on January 3, 2017, I want to say a huge thank you for everything you did to help us inch closer to every plan we had for 2016. We have more than 2,016 reasons to be grateful. Thank you for your continued support, and we sure look forward to an exciting 2017!

I wish you, your family and loved ones a happy holiday and an amazing 2017 ahead. A sha hutu lafiya! Ézūmíké óbī ụ́tọ́. E kú odún!

Digital Rights Public Hearing, Digital Readiness Workshop For Girls + Other Updates From PIN

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We are pleased to announce to enthusiasts of technology, human rights and the general public that the Public Hearing for the Digital Rights and Freedom Bill (HB. 490) holds today Monday December 5, 2016. The Digital Rights and Freedom Bill is draft piece of legislation that seeks to fill the policy gap between respect for human rights and the use of technology. It can be safely presumed that the bill is an amplified version of Fundamental Rights in the Nigerian Constitution especially as it relates to the cyberspace. We therefore call on every stakeholder in the ICT sector, civil society, journalists and everyone who use the Internet and the cyber environment as a means of interaction to attend the public hearing to support the bill. You can watch live updates from the public hearing via our  Facebook page


PIN will be launching our first ever Africa-wide report on Digital Rights at the upcoming Internet Governance Forum (IGF) on the 8th of December, 2016 in Guadalajara Mexico. The report has become necessary to be able to offer keener perspectives through research on the state of access to digital rights in Africa and be able to offer a one-stop shop material for everything status of digital access and rights in Africa.


Two beneficiaries of the TENT Angel Investment Scheme (TAIS) Olajide Martins and Brenda Okoro are currently working on the completion of their TENT projects. Olajide  used his TENT project as his final year project at Obafemi Awolowo University. Both students confirmed that their projects will be ready for public release before December 31, 2016. You can read a brief about their TENT Project via

HOD Computer Science YABATECH_Dr A.V. Haastrub

 We are excited to inform you that Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH) and Lagos State College of Health Technology (LASCOHET) has joined Nnamdi Azikwe University (UNIZIK), Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) and Federal University of Technology (FUTA) to commenceTENT@School clubs in their institutions.

As PIN’s TENT@School clubs spread across institutions in Nigeria, we will be delighted to read from you in making request to start TENT@School club in your institution as we equip students with ICT skills while they are enrolled at their Universities.


LIFE December Newsletter (5)

LIFE Quarterly workshop for Q4 2016 held on Saturday November, 26 2016 at the AjegunleLIFE and DakataLIFE Centres. The workshops were facilitated by Damilola Adelusi (AjegunleLIFE) and Abdulbaseet Kabir (DakataLIFE) respectively.

As part of the PIN’s ‘She Will Connect’ partnership with Intel, 125 secondary school girls were trained at the Digital Readiness Workshop for Girls.  The Digital Readiness Workshop for girls held in Lagos Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd November, and in Abia and Kano centres on Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th November. The girls were trained on Microsoft Office Tools, Online Research, Social Media and Digital Security.

LIFE December Newsletter (1) LIFE December Newsletter (2) LIFE December Newsletter (3)

LIFE December Newsletter (9)

DakataLIFE team received an invitation from Arewa radio to do a short interview about the training on a weekend program; ‘Ya Take Matasa.’.

Two graduates of the AjegunleLIFE training were employed in the month of November; Chidimma Onyekaba (2016C) got employment as a computer studies teacher at Queen Esther International School while Lesley Tarabina (2015C) was offered a year’s Internship placement at W-TEC.

AbaLIFE Town Hall meeting held on the 25th of November 2016. The meeting had 110 people in attendance and a number of 21 beneficiaries were issued certificates upon completing all requirements of the program.

LIFE December Newsletter (7)

LIFE December Newsletter (8)

PIN Set To Host Internet Policy Training in Uganda + Other Updates

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ICT Policy

Paradigm Initiative Nigeria (PIN) will host an Internet Policy Training session in Kampala, Uganda from 25-27 September 2016. This is part of the scaling up of activities of PIN’s ICT Policy Office to other African regions in the coming months. The goal is  to work with and in other African countries, especially those in which Internet Freedom is at risk in order to ensure respect for Digital Rights and freedoms. The Training which is being co-hosted with the Collaboration on International ICT Policy in East and Southern Africa (CIPESA) and United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Uganda (OHCHR) will draw participants from the East African region, and will focus on the growing challenges of Internet freedom in that region.

IFF2016 Day2 (74)

Internet Freedom Forum 2017 dates and location have been announced. The announcement was made on the 22nd of August, 2017. The dates are April 25 – 27, 2017 and it is to be held in Lagos. The Internet Freedom Forum is an annual event of organized by Paradigm Initiative Nigeria to take on emerging conversations involved in the narrative of digital rights and Internet Freedom in Africa.. The Forum will draw several participants from various fields with insight into the digital rights conversations in Africa. PIN’s ICT Policy Office has called for information from experts, ICT practitioners, researchers and academics on digital rights and Internet freedom in Africa to help complete a research survey mapping incidents on Internet freedom across Africa. This is being done in form of a survey which takes about 20 minutes to complete. The result of the survey will be an Africa-wide Report of the state of Internet freedom in Africa. You can also help complete the survey here.


L.I.F.E. 2016C session continued with trainings on Microsoft Productivity tools, the use of Internet and graphic design using CorelDraw. 89 students across the 3 L.I.F.E. Centres were also trained on life skills in order to develop the ability to adopt positive social behaviours, which will equip them to deal with life’s demands and challenges. The best students were awarded with achievement certificates in order to encourage competitive learning in the training.

An AbaLIFE alumnus, Gold Innocent now works with U.O.O estates as an office assistant while Charles Anya got a job with Stainless Communication as a data entry assistant.


As part of the L.I.F.E. Program’s goal to reach  communities, the team reached out to tutorial centres, churches and mosques. The AjegunleLIFE team met with the Coordinator of Prudent Guide Academy, Miss Rachel Ogoh, who visited the AjegunleLIFE Centre to know more about the Program. She also indicated interest in volunteering at the Centre. The DakataLIFE team also held a meeting with staff from Halliru Youth development and Empowerment Initiative to discuss strategies for increasing awareness about the LIFE program among young women in the community.

AjegunleLIFE TownHall meeting holds on September 15, 2016. The event will host partner organizations, parents of program graduates, students, and community influencers/leaders. Also at this event, alumni who have met all training requirements will be awarded certificates.


PIN’s Code Camp will commence from 19 – 30 September across the three L.I.F.E. Centres. The participants at Ajegunle L.I.F.E. Centre will learn HTML, CSS, and Java programing; Aba L.I.F.E. Centre will learn HTML, CSS and Javascript; Dakata L.I.F.E. Centre will learn Google App Development. We are excited to introduce programing skills to another set of young people in Lagos, Abia, and Kano. Please follow us on our website page for training updates

TENT Gathering 2016 will be hosted in Kaduna state from 15 – 17 November, 2016. TENT Gathering 2016 will provide a platform where Nigeria’s budding technopreneurs can converge to share ideas and experiences. Students will also pitch their demos in a competition for the N1million Taiwo Bankole prize and will have the opportunity to pre-register their demos ahead of TENT Gathering 2016. The selection process for this year’s event is in two phases: the first phase starts from 1 – 21 October, while the second phase will be at the venue in Kaduna State. Only the best 30 entries will be selected. The selected entries will compete in Kaduna at TENT Gathering 2016 venue for the N1million Taiwo Bankole Prize.

Demo--submission--TENT Register-TENT

Students in any Nigeria tertiary institution can register to compete for the N1milion Taiwo Bankole Prize here. Please feel free to share the link with any of your contacts who are students.

We seek more student collaborations as we extend TENT@School clubs to other Nigerian tertiary institutions. We will be happy to read from you via tent [@] on suggestions or collaborations to make this happen.

#UpdatesFromPIN: Nnamdi Azikwe University Wins N1 Million Taiwo Bankole Ogunyemi Prize At TENT Gathering 2015

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PIN hosted 507 students from 22 tertiary institutions at the 4th edition of TENT Gathering which held at Nnamdi Azikwe University, Awka from Tuesday 24 – Thursday 26th November 2015. Institutions represented cut across South-South, South-East, South-West and North-West regions of Nigeria.

IMG_2871 copy

Of the 22 institutions present, 16 participated in the Clash of the Campuses on the final day of the 3-day event. The host institution, Nnamdi Azikwe University emerged the winner and was presented the 2015 Taiwo Bankole Ogunyemi 1 Million naira prize. Anambra State University emerged as the 1st runner up and University of Benin as the 2nd runner up.

Following the event, 8 institutions indicated interest in the establishment of TENT@School clubs in their schools beginning from 2016.



Digital Jobs training 2015 ended with IT and Web training from 3rd to 5th November, 2015, and Social Media specialised training from 10th to 11th November 2015.

The IT and Web training was attended by 40 people and was facilitated by Adebola Oni. The participants learnt how to create and manage a website using WordPress. The Social Media Class was facilitated by PIN’s Digital Media Manager, Olamide Egbayelo. 14 participants attended the 2-day training and learnt how to manage and create strategies on various social media platforms.
olamide DigitalJobs

PIN uses this medium to thank all stakeholders (knowledge and resource partners) who contributed to the success of this project in the year 2015; as we look forward to another impactful year from January 2016.


62 out 63 students who were admitted into AbaLIFE 2015D training program received their completion letters on the 27th of November 2015 at the ABIC.
Tweet 8 Aba (5)

The second edition of the annual AbaLIFE annual town hall meeting held on the 20th of November 2015. Students of the 2015D session as part of their training carried out community service project of visiting some secondary schools in Aba,  enlightening them on the importance of computer literacy and life skills for youth.


The Ajegunle L.I.F.E Quarterly workshop took place on the 7th November as part of the effort to further develop the students and the alumni. The workshop was facilitated by Mrs. Iruka Ndubuizu, Executive Director of Euraka Consulting; who talked about “overcoming challenges”. Ajegunle L.I.F.E concluded the 2015D training session on Friday 27th November 2015. 39 of the 40 selected students successfully completed the training.
TWeet 21

Two AjegunleLIFE alumni started  interning  with GINA Consulting (a management consultancy firm in Victoria Island Lagos).


ICT Policy
The ICT Policy Office paid an advocacy visit to the vice-chairman of the communications committee of the House of Representative, Hon. Chukwuemeka Ujam to discuss the sponsorship of the Digital Rights and Freedom Bill. Honorable Ujam has agreed to lead other Honorable members of the House of Representatives in sponsoring the bill.

PIN Executive Director, ‘Gbenga Sesan also attended the 2015 edition of Internet Governance Forum (#IGF2015) which held in Brazil. PIN in partnership with Facebook, CIPESA and APC  hosted a side-event themed  ‘State of the Internet in Africa’ at the forum.

The Federal High court heard the data privacy case that Paradigm Initiative Nigeria (PIN) and Public Private Development Center instituted against the National Identity Management Commission on Wednesday 18th November 2015. The case has been adjourned to February 2016 for final determination.

#UpdatesFromPIN: It’s Countdown to TENT Gathering 2015

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Exciting! Our Dare to be the Brightest ICT Guy/Girl project hosted 30 schools in Kano State from October 20th -22nd, 2015. The training and ICT Quiz competition was organised in conjunction with the state’s Ministry of Education, with adequate support provided by Etisalat and Dufil Foods (the makers of Indomie). 476 students participated in the two-day training and 29 schools were represented at the ICT Quiz Competition. The winners of the 4th edition of the Dare to be BIG competition were Government Secondary School Kawaji, Government Girls Secondary School Shekara and Government Girls Secondary School Dukawiya who took 1st, 2nd and 3rd position respectively. The schools were presented with trophies while the students who represented the schools and were also presented with Etisalat Cliqlite courtesy Etisalat and android phones. Participants that took 4th-8th positions were also given branded shirts, and all schools were given educational comic materials as consolation prizes from Etisalat.

PIN will be hosting its annual TENT Gathering event from November 24th – 26th at the Nnamdi Azikwe University, Awka. The 3-day programme will feature Opening and Closing Keynote speeches, Tech Entrepreneurs, Panel speakers, full day practical sessions on various programming languages. Intending participants are encouraged to register via




The PIN ICT Policy Office made a FoI Request to the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) based on reports that the Commission shares call data of private citizens to security operatives. The content of the request was that the Commission provide the public with details of the due process followed by them in handing over such data to security operatives. The commission confirmed receipt of the request.

PIN also sent a letter to the Central Bank of Nigeria to suspend the Bank Verification Exercise (BVN) it mandated all Nigerian banks to embark on. The letter was written against the background of President Buhari’s call for harmonization of all data collection agencies in Nigeria pending the time a viable law is passed by the National Assembly to cater for Data Use in Nigeria. The letter was acknowledged by the Apex Bank as received.

PIN Executive Director, ‘Gbenga Sesan and Chief Operating Officer, Tope Ogundipe attended the Stockholm Internet Forum(SIF2015) that held in Sweden from 20th -22nd October 2015. PIN also released a country report on Women’s Rights Online in Nigeria, this report was launched along with a global reporting online involving 9 other countries during the Stockholm Internet Forum.



Extras (3)

In the month of October, Ajegunle and Aba Innovation Centres continued to touch the lives of under-served youths through the L.I.F.E. Program. The final session of training for the year 2015 commenced with rigorous selection process from a pool of  several applicants for the 2015D session. 40 qualified applicants were selected to partake in AjegunleLIFE 2015D session while 65 applicants were selected for AbaLIFE 2015D session. Orientation exercises for selected students, parents and volunteers also held concurrently at both Ajegunle and Aba Innovation Centres from Tuesday 6th – Friday 9th October 2015. The orientation sessions are for the purpose of getting parents and students acquainted with the L.I.F.E. training program.

L.I.F.E. 2015D training commenced with the ICT classes 12th October 2015, the students were trained on how to use different Microsoft productivity tools (MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint) and the Internet.
5 students from AjegunleLIFE alumni were selected to volunteer for W.TEC (an initiative that runs an after-school Technology Club in public schools).



PIN celebrated the first anniversary of her Digital Jobs project in Nigeria on October 2nd, 2015. The 1st anniversary tagged #OCTOBER2, was well attended by stakeholders who have worked with Paradigm Initiative Nigeria on the Digital Jobs project. Ugochukwu Nwosu, Stakeholder Development Officer for Rockefeller Foundation in Nigeria and Ghana was in attendance to give the opening keynote address at the event. In addition, online workers who have been trained by PIN on the Digital Jobs project were present to share their success stories.
Trainings in the month of October included the specialised skill class featuring the Advance Microsoft Office Suite with Joel Ogunsola and David Olaniyan as facilitators. The 22 Participants who attended the training on the 7th and 8th of October learnt how to use Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Project to enhance their productivity. In addition, the Marketing and Sales training class facilitated by Jide Adeyemi took place from 13th to 14th, October 2015 and was attended by 21 participants. Participants learnt how to effectively sell their products or services.

PIN also organised 2 online work trainings in the month of October. The first training was attended by online workers who are having challenges with their Upwork/Elance accounts while second training was a special session for undergraduates from Yaba College of Technology, willing to earn an income whilst schooling. The trainings took place on the 9th and 30th of October and were facilitated by Gbenga Adebiyi and Elijah Otor respectively.

Prizes were also presented to the winners of the Digital Jobs #SeptemberChallenge. The contest which took place from September 7th – October 28th required online workers from October 2014 to post a 15-second video of them pitching their work on Instagram. Winners of the challenge were Elijah Otor, Tobi Obaniyi and Gbenga Olukosi who won Mini-laptop, Tecno Camon C8 and a Universal internet respectively.



#UpdatesFromPIN: PIN Issues Letters Of Completion to 106 L.I.F.E. Graduates

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#AjegunleLIFE and #AbaLIFE 2015C training program continued with the Entrepreneurship, Financial readiness and Life-skills training. The training came to an end on Friday 18th September, 2015. 106 (40 #AjegunleLIFE, 66 #AbaLIFE) students were issued letters of completion on graduating from the program. Aside from the Microsoft Productivity tools, Entrepreneurship, Financial Readiness and Life-Skills trainings, the L.I.F.E. 2015C students also received trainings on #DigitalJobs and Social Media.

Ajegunle Innovation Centre (A.J.I.C.) hosted the Quarterly Workshop for #AjegunleLIFE Alumni and students. The speaker at the workshop was Mr. Bukki Dosumu who spoke about “Living Your Purpose”. The annual #AjegunleLIFE Townhall meeting held on  Wednesday 23rd September, 2015. The meeting was attended by Parents, stakeholders, volunteers, partners, community leaders and #AjegunleLIFE alumni and students. AbaLIFE also hosted the quarterly Alumni meeting for the 2015C set.
PIN joined international human rights and transparency groups all around the world to write in opposition to Twitter’s recent decision to revoke the ability of the tool Politwoops and similar tools to utilize Twitter’s Application Programming Interface, or API. We believe Twitter’s decision holds grave consequences for free expression and transparency around the world. To justify its decision, Twitter explained that, “No one user is more deserving of that ability [to delete a tweet] than another. Indeed, deleting a tweet is an expression of one’s voice.”  Our position is that in the process of building the culture of accountability in Public service in Nigeria, public officials should never be given that privilege. Basically we agree that the rule mustn’t be the same for private citizens and public officials who offered self for election/appointments and live on tax payer’s money.

‘Boye Adegoke, Program Manager ICT Policy officer participated in a convening of civil society organizations and other agencies working on Internet freedom issues. The meeting  held on Tuesday September 22, 2015 from 10.00am to 3.00pm at the Ford Foundation office in Banana Island,  Lagos,  with the objective of gaining perspectives on emerging trends, opportunities and challenges regarding internet public policies in Nigeria.

PIN’s weekly #PINternetFreedom chat in the month of October will focus on ‘Women’s Rights Online’. Please join the conversation every (2pm GMT+1) every Thursday. #WomensRightsOnline is the official hashtag.
PIN DigitalJobs Training

In the month of September, the Digital Jobs team  delivered Upwork training to 33 students who had signed up to be trained by PIN via, as well as 26 students from our Ajegungle LIFE 2015C class at PIN HQ. Gbenga Adebiyi, an online worker who was trained by PIN in the month of July facilitated the trainings. The exposure to upwork was also extended to #AbaLIFE students on the 28th of September and was facilitated by Ikechukwu Nwakpu who also passed through Digital Jobs trainings at PIN.

The Digital Jobs team  also introduced specialised skill training classes. At the first edition, ‘Gbenga Sesan, PIN’s Executive Director, trained a class of 17 participants at the Digital Security Master Class. The one-day training took place on the 15th of September, 2015 at PIN HQ.  The#DigitalJobs September  give-away has been extended  to October.
TENT@OAU students will embark on a 6-month internship program as part of the compulsory Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) in  the fourth year of learning. This is to commence November 2015. 99 students  signed up for TENT@School in the first year, but only 13 have qualified for this level, where PIN facilitates the placements of students in reputable technology companies for further training.

Dare to be BIG  is going to Kano! The plan is to bring early expose to ICTs to students from 30 secondary schools in Kano State from 20th -22nd October 2015. In addition to the training, the schools will also participate in a quiz competition. . The top 3 schools will be presented with trophies,  while the students who represent the schools in the quiz competition will be presented with tools that will enhance further knowledge of ICTs.

Missed Out On Some Of Our Activities in August? Here’s an Update From PIN

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In response to an investigative report published by Premium Times, PIN wrote a 2 paged letter to Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari to protest the violation of human rights of private citizens as well as abuse of power by some Governors in Nigeria. The letter was based on PIN’s earlier work on the subject of Internet Freedom. Relevant agencies and offices such as The Senate President, National Human Rights Commission, Amnesty International, Femi Falana Chambers were copied in  the said letter   According to the Premium Times report which quoted sources from the National Security Adviser’s office and some of the governments under investigation, the illegal practice of intercepted calls and hacked phones and computers gave these public servants backdoor access  to many people’s private lives, at the expense of taxpayers they swore to serve.


Also, PIN in collaboration with EiE Nigeria and BudgIT hosted the #OfficeOfTheCitizen hackaton on August 29, 2015. The PIN team coordinated proceeding at the event which was held at BudgIT office in Lagos.


The #DigitalJobs team spoke about the benefits of online work and available training opportunities  at the South-South edition of #TENTWorkshop which held at University of Uyo on the 13th and 14th of August 2015.
Four winners also emerged from the #Elance1000 campaign that held from July – August, as mentioned in the criteria, each person wins N1000 for every 5 persons introduced to #DigitalJobs. Qudus Kunle introduced 32 people to #DigitalJobs and was rewarded with N6,400 cash prize. Atinuke Ayinde signed up 5 people and got N1,000; Imran Abdullahi signed up 45 people and got a cash reward of N9,000; Stanley Akpeji signed up 153 people earning him N30,600. Altogether, 235 people to online work via through the #Elance1000 campaign


Beyond Access and IREX international partnered with PIN to deliver #DigitalJobs training to representatives of various National libraries and NGOs in Nigeria. The 3-day workshop held on Thursday 27th August 2015 at the iDea Hub


PIN hosted the South-South edition #TENTWorkshop at the University of Uyo from August 13th – 14th 2015. 305 students from the University of Uyo and University of Calabar attended the 2-day event. The speakers at the workshop were Aniedi Udo-Obong, Country General Manager at AfroCabs, Editi Effiong, Chief Executive Officer at Anakle and ‘Gbenga Sesan, Executive Director at Paradigm Initiative Nigeria, who engaged the students for the oral and practical sessions with topics ranging from Software developments and Start-ups. At the workshop, the students learnt about the need to build an entrepreneurial mind set and how to access relevant opportunities from the speakers.

TENT Workshop

PIN in Collaboration with Codify Naija organised a 3-week code camp for secondary school students in Kano State. 17 students participated in the code camp which held from July 27th to August 13th2015. At the 3 week long Code Camp,  the students worked in groups as well as individually to enhance their learning skills in HTML, CSS, and  JQuery (a javascript library). The teaching methods were effective as the students showed improvements on how quickly they grasped and practiced concepts using a demo-based approach for teaching.


L.I.F.E. 2015c training session commenced on the 3rd of August after intensive selection processes at Aba and Ajegunle Innovation Centres respectively.  40 successful applicants were selected for #AjegunleLIFE while 70 were select for #AbaLIFE.

Extras (9)

The 2015c students were trained on various Microsoft Productivity tools, Graphic Design and introduction to the use of internet in the month of August. As part of L.I.F.E. Program community engagement effort, the AjegunleLIFE team visited religious organizations in organization.

PIN also partnered with RAD5 technologies and Campus Impact Network to host the Aba Teen Code Camp from 3rd – 13th August, 2015. The Code Camp held at PIN’s Aba Innovation Centre.

#UpdatesFromPIN: We are excited about #DakataLIFE, Kano!

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83 applicants picked up forms for the third session of training in 2015.  40 of the applicants were selected to be part of the #AjegunleLIFE 2015c training program after 3 days of rigorous interviews.
Out of the 88 applicants’ who picked the L.I.F.E. training program forms in Aba, only 70 successful applicants were selected to be part of the #AbaLIFE 2015c training program. PIN Executive Director, ‘Gbenga Sesan was at the Aba Innovation Centre (ABIC) for the parents’ and students’ orientation exercise on July 29th, 2015. AbaLIFE Volunteers Appreciation event also held same day with the Executive Director. The L.I.F.E 2015c training program will run from Monday 3rd August – Friday 18th September 2015.
Following intensive baseline studies across seven (7) North – Western state of Nigeria, Kano state was recommended to host the training. LIFE training program is expanding to Dakata Kawaji, Kano state, and training will commence October 12, 2015. We are excited about #DakataLIFE!

PIN continued to conduct training for people in order to complete jobs and earn online. A special Elance class with Femi Bayode was organized to help the trainees understand how to develop great online profiles Which can greatly improve their chances of securing jobs from prospective clients. 18 people attended the Customer Service Skills training while 30 people attended the Writing and Translation Skills.
The #DigitalJobs team was present at the Tech + 2015 event that held at Eko Hotels and Suites from 24th -25th July 2015 to introduce participants to the concept of online work. Questions were answered and participants were given flyers and stickers for more information about online work. A total of 183 people visited the #DigitalJobs stand, and also subscribed to get updates on the project.

PIN introduced the ‘#Elance1000 give-away;’ a platform that encouraging young people to sign up and also sign up others for online work. on PIN will give out N1,000 to every individual that introduces 5 people newly to #DigitalJobs. The July #DigitalJobs contest featured all those who have been working on Elance from November 2014 till date. Detailed stories of each participant’s journey on online work and the number of jobs completed were submitted, and winners were selected. Out of 6 stories submitted, Oluwaseun Malomo, Elijah Otor, and Gbenga Adebiyi emerged in the first three places respectively. They were rewarded with a brand new laptop, Samsung galaxy tab and Microsoft Lumia respectively.

PIN’s Executive Director ‘Gbenga Sesan and the ICT Policy Manager, Adegoke Adeboye were at the Public Inquiry event on The Draft Lawful Interception of Communications Regulations organized by the Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) in Abuja on Tuesday 7th July, 2015.
The ICT Policy office was also represented at the 2015 edition of The Nigeria Internet Governance Forum (NIGF). The Theme of the forum was “Harnessing the Potentials of Internet Governance for Sustainable Development in Nigeria”, and it was preceded by a Youth Workshop which was themed “Internet of Everything & Your Business Opportunity”.  PIN’s Executive Director, ‘Gbenga Sesan made a presentation at the plenary on Internet and Human Rights, where he highlighted the importance of the online rights of citizens against the backdrop of policies/laws that are being considered in order to address security/terrorism concerns.
Adeboye Adegoke also joined PIN within the month as ICT Policy Manager.

OAU students on the TENT@School are nearing the final lap in their academic courses. As part of PIN’s commitment to secure them internship opportunities in line with their technology projects, many of them are currently going through the interview process with the organizations of their choice. The internship kicks off in October 2015. PIN is committed to facilitating internship placements for 13 OAU students who have been working on TENT@School since their first year in school.
PIN in conjunction with Codify Naija has kicked off a Code Camp in Kano State. The Code Camp will run for a period of 3 weeks beginning from July 27th with a focus on teaching bright secondary school students programming languages and how to code. Out of the 32 students who registered to participate, only 22 were qualified and 16 are currently undergoing training at Code Camp. The expected end date for the Code Camp is August 14th, 2015.
A timeless opportunity given by @pinigeria and @codifynaija
The second TENT Workshop for the year will hold at University of Uyo (UNIUYO) from Thursday 14th – Friday 15th August 2015. Speakers are Editi Effiong, CEO- Anakle; Aniedi Udo-Obong- General Country Manager at Afrocabs and PIN Executive Director, ‘Gbenga Sesan.