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January 2015

#PINternetFreedom Chat with Rotimi Fawole (@TexTheLaw)

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Did You Know…

According to two studies done in July 2010 (Gartner Research and Harris Interactive), approximately 7 million people became victims of identity theft in the prior 12 months. That equals 19,178 per day, 799 per hour, 13.3 per minute?

Internet-based identity theft is a problem in the developed world and a bigger problem in Africa, especially Nigeria. It makes people hesitant about making a purchase online, or signing up for what others consider everyday occurrences such as creating a PayPal account, purchasing from ecommerce sites, using auction sites or even using Internet banking and checking credit card statements online.

What is Identity Theft?

Identity theft is any kind of fraud that results in the loss of personal data, such as passwords, user names, banking information, or credit card numbers.

Online identity theft is sometimes also known as phishing.

Identity theft isn’t new. Thieves have always found ways to illegally acquire people’s personal information through confidence scams (also known as social engineering), stealing mail from mailboxes, or even looking through trash cans or dumpsters. Now that identity theft has moved online criminals can scam greater numbers of people, which makes it much more profitable.

#InCaseYouMissedIt: Check out our #PINternetFreedom Chat with Nana Nwachukwu

Rotimi Fawole

Join us tomorrow Thursday 22nd January 2015 as we discuss ONLINE IDENTITY THEFT  with Rotimi Fawole (@TextTheLaw) on  #PINternetFreedom chat.

Rotimi Fawole is a legal practitioner with several years’ commercial law experience, particularly in media and intellectual property, and, more recently, technology law. He is one of the founding partners at Trenchard Partners but currently work at a leading digital distribution company as the head of its legal team


Source: Microsoft Innovation Centre

#PINternetFreedom Chat with Nana Nwachukwu (Storified)

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In case you missed the chat with Nana Nwachukwu, below is the storified version of the chat. The focus of the chat was on ‘INTERNET PRIVACY’
Nana Nwachukwu (@PUREHAIRE) is an IP/IT Lawyer with an interest in emerging technologies, she is the current African Representative of ItechLaw Association. A world organisation of Technology/Communication/IP lawyers. Nana does a lot of things in her spare time.

#PINternetFreedom Chat with Nana Nwachukwu (@PUREHAIRE)

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Internet privacy is cause for concern for any user planning to make an online purchase, visit a social networking site, participate in online games or attend forums. If a password is compromised and revealed, a victim’s identity may be fraudulently used or stolen.

Internet privacy risks include:

  • Phishing: An Internet hacking activity used to steal secure user data, including username, password, bank account number, security PIN or credit card number.
  • Pharming: An Internet hacking activity used to redirect a legitimate website visitor to a different IP address.
  • Spyware: An offline application that obtains data without a user’s consent. When the computer is online, previously acquired data is sent to the spyware source.
  • Malware: An application used to illegally damage online and offline computer users through Trojans, viruses and spyware.

Cyber security, phishing, worms, firewalls, Trojan horses, hackers, and viruses seem to be in the news every day. Plus warnings to update your virus protection, watch out for online scams, protect your privacy, and watch what you click on are everywhere. But what does it all mean? And what can you do to safeguard access to your computer and to protect yourself and your family? What is this all about?

The above conflict raises so many Socio Legal issues like:

What is the value of my privacy?

Which Online Activities Reveal My Personal Information?

How can I protect my privacy from state and even non state parties?


This week’s #PINternetFreedom chat taking place tomorrow (Thursday, 15th January, 2015) will explore these issues in great details, as well as provide the opportunity to interact with our guest Nana Nwachukwu  at 2pm.

Nana Nwachukwu (@PUREHAIRE) is an IP/IT Lawyer with an interest in emerging technologies, she is the current African Representative of ItechLaw Association. A world organisation of Technology/Communication/IP lawyers. Nana does a lot of things in her spare time.

#PINWeeklyRecap (Monday 5th – Friday 9th, 2014)

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It has been an exciting first week of work for us at PIN. We hope it has been for you too. Today, we will be bringing you a recap of activities this week.


We are excited about the #DigitalJobs Jobs campaign. Over 1000 people have registered to get trained by PIN on preferred skills, 80 of whom have been trained in the last month of 2014.  PIN seeks to train about 160 this quarter. If you haven’t signed up to be trained yet, you should sign up here. You should also sign up on eLance to start getting #DigitalJobs opportunities whether or not you have been trained.


On Tuesday, we announced that the L.I.F.E. project will be expanding to 2 new regions in Nigeria. Work is ongoing concerning this. Applications are now open for #AbaLIFE and #AjegunleLIFE class 2015A. 40 students will benefit directly from #AjegunleLIFE every quarter while 72 students will benefit from #AbaLIFE every quarter of this year. Stay connected to our social media platforms for updates.  Remember, you can also volunteer for different training sessions (ICT, Entrepreneurship and Life Skills)


We announced on Wednesday that Techie. Entrepreneurial. Nigerian. Talented. (TENT) will host 2 workshops and one annual event across Nigeria this year.  PIN is currently nurturing 23 OAU students in various ICT related projects. 3 of these projects are currently receiving international funding support. The Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) will be hosting the South-West edition of South-West! This South-West TENT workshop is slated for March 2015. Registration details will be shared soon. PIN would also host a Summer Camp later in the year, bringing together budding ICT talents from secondary schools across Nigeria. We would fill you in with details as plans unfold.

ICT Policy

Our weekly #PINternetFreedom Thursday focused on ‘Internet Freedom and Human Rights.’ We shared a few tweets explaining how the same Human Rights offline should be applicable online. Please check out the tweets here in case you missed it. Registration is also opened for the North-West edition of our Internet Policy Training which would be holding in Kaduna. Register to attend here.


Follow us on Twitter @PINigeria to get daily updates on our activities.

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