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September 2016

Stakeholders Call For The Speedy Passage Of The Digital Rights And Freedom Bill HB. 490 By The National Assembly

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On the 22nd of September, 2016, Paradigm Initiative Nigeria hosted stakeholders to a roundtable on issues surrounding the passage of the Digital Rights and Freedom Bill (HB. 490). There were several participants at the roundtable which also had robust issues discussed. This became necessary as part of PIN’s commitment to ensuring that the Nigerian ICT sector grows into one that is properly utilized while doing so within the boundaries of human rights.

Following spirited advocacy efforts by the coalition of partners and the unwavering support from the sponsor of the Bill, Hon Chukwuemeka Ujam, the Bill has passed second reading at the House of Representatives. As its core objectives, the Bill seeks to guarantee that the rights that apply offline also apply in the digital space to promote freedom of expression online, freedom of assembly and association online, guarantee the fundamental right to privacy of citizens, define the legal framework regarding surveillance and seek protection of the data of every Nigerian citizen. This Bill will not only assist in the legal framework for every Nigerians’ digital future plans; it will also be a tool for education of the masses, law enforcement officers/agencies and as well as the judiciary. A free digital environment in Nigeria will ensure active participation of citizens towards socio-economic development.

According to Adeboye Adegoke, Program Manager (ICT Policy), Paradigm Initiative Nigeria, “the need for such a bill of rights has become increasingly imperative considering the current global debate on Internet Governance and Internet polices in light of actions by state and non-state parties that threaten the Rights and freedom of internet users in Nigeria. A case in point is the incessant arrests of bloggers in Nigeria and lack of regulatory frameworks guarding the untamed biometric data mining in Nigeria. As at the last count, not less than eight (8) bloggers have either been arrested or detained in the last one year on the instruction of a political office holder or some powerful individuals. Also, at least eight government agencies have collected citizens’ data in Nigeria without a data protection law or exclusive policy in place.” he said.

Also, the Program Assistant (ICT Policy), Paradigm Initiative Nigeria, Tomiwa Ilori also stated that “the Digital Rights and Freedom Bill (HB. 490) seeks to protect Internet users in Nigeria from unauthorized infringement on their fundamental freedoms and to guarantee enjoyment of human rights for users of digital platform and media while safeguarding  their proprietary rights. It is the most comprehensive Bill till date that factors into consideration major developments in technological policies and also includes affirmative and definitive measures that puts the fundamental freedoms and economic interests of every Nigerian, first.”

The provisions of the Bill covers issues such as right to Digital Privacy Online and other innovative provisions like Data and Information Privacy and Data stored in the Cloud. Other major sections of the Bill focuses on e-Governance and Digital Economy while the Bill further reiterate Fundamental freedoms we enjoy offline to online.

In recognizing the key stakeholders that have vouched their support for the Bill, Adeboye Adegoke expressed that “we wish to recognize the 8th National Assembly for their spirited dedication to ensuring that the human rights concerns of every Nigerian are not only protected but also making sure that they lend their support for the Bill as the first of its kind which gets to project this Assembly for global view. Also, a special congratulation goes to the sponsor of the Bill for being named a “Hero” of Human Rights on his dedication to this Bill by the organizers of the Necessary and Proportionate Principles Awards.

We then use this medium to welcome the members of the National Assembly back form recess and urge them to expedite action towards the speedy passage of the Bill by calling for its public hearing in earnest.”


PIN Sends FOI Request To INEC Over Release Of Citizens’ Data To A Third Party

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As part of its core objectives as a stakeholder and practitioner in the ICT sector in Nigeria, Paradigm Initiative Nigeria is at the centre of advocacy efforts to ensure that not only do technologies and innovations improve the lives of every Nigerian citizen but that they are also done while conforming to fundamental rights of every Nigerian. Among these rights are Freedom to Expression online, Right to Opinion, Transparency in Surveillance and most importantly, at the heart of this call, Right to Privacy. Not only are these rights protected, by extension by the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended) they are currently amplified in the Digital Rights and Freedom Bill (HB. 490) which seeks to exhaustively engage issues of positive rights like these.

“Statutorily, on the 19th of September, 2016, Paradigm Initiative Nigeria through its ICT Policy engagements has relied on the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act of 2011 to request information from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on the true state of fact on the data of private citizens currently on the platform. This call is being made to ensure that the rights of every Nigerian citizen are adequately protected especially in the age where technologies are capable of being used against individual safety.” said Tomiwa Ilori, Program Assistant (ICT Policy), Paradigm Initiative Nigeria. “It is important to also note, that not only does it smack of distrust and lack of due diligence by a public institution in performing its duties to find data of private citizens handed to them in trust in the hand of a third party without any evidence of consent of these citizens sought, it portends great danger to the digital survival of our social, political and economic environment.”, he concluded.



“We use this medium to call on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to heed the call and comply with the request made to them in the interest of Nigerian citizens. Also, we call on all stakeholders interested in ensuring that our social capital as a society is preserved to weigh in on this issue, join hands with us and see it to a logical conclusion. “said, ‘Gbenga Sesan, Executive Director, Paradigm Initiative Nigeria.

PIN Set To Host Internet Policy Training in Uganda + Other Updates

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ICT Policy

Paradigm Initiative Nigeria (PIN) will host an Internet Policy Training session in Kampala, Uganda from 25-27 September 2016. This is part of the scaling up of activities of PIN’s ICT Policy Office to other African regions in the coming months. The goal is  to work with and in other African countries, especially those in which Internet Freedom is at risk in order to ensure respect for Digital Rights and freedoms. The Training which is being co-hosted with the Collaboration on International ICT Policy in East and Southern Africa (CIPESA) and United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Uganda (OHCHR) will draw participants from the East African region, and will focus on the growing challenges of Internet freedom in that region.

IFF2016 Day2 (74)

Internet Freedom Forum 2017 dates and location have been announced. The announcement was made on the 22nd of August, 2017. The dates are April 25 – 27, 2017 and it is to be held in Lagos. The Internet Freedom Forum is an annual event of organized by Paradigm Initiative Nigeria to take on emerging conversations involved in the narrative of digital rights and Internet Freedom in Africa.. The Forum will draw several participants from various fields with insight into the digital rights conversations in Africa. PIN’s ICT Policy Office has called for information from experts, ICT practitioners, researchers and academics on digital rights and Internet freedom in Africa to help complete a research survey mapping incidents on Internet freedom across Africa. This is being done in form of a survey which takes about 20 minutes to complete. The result of the survey will be an Africa-wide Report of the state of Internet freedom in Africa. You can also help complete the survey here.


L.I.F.E. 2016C session continued with trainings on Microsoft Productivity tools, the use of Internet and graphic design using CorelDraw. 89 students across the 3 L.I.F.E. Centres were also trained on life skills in order to develop the ability to adopt positive social behaviours, which will equip them to deal with life’s demands and challenges. The best students were awarded with achievement certificates in order to encourage competitive learning in the training.

An AbaLIFE alumnus, Gold Innocent now works with U.O.O estates as an office assistant while Charles Anya got a job with Stainless Communication as a data entry assistant.


As part of the L.I.F.E. Program’s goal to reach  communities, the team reached out to tutorial centres, churches and mosques. The AjegunleLIFE team met with the Coordinator of Prudent Guide Academy, Miss Rachel Ogoh, who visited the AjegunleLIFE Centre to know more about the Program. She also indicated interest in volunteering at the Centre. The DakataLIFE team also held a meeting with staff from Halliru Youth development and Empowerment Initiative to discuss strategies for increasing awareness about the LIFE program among young women in the community.

AjegunleLIFE TownHall meeting holds on September 15, 2016. The event will host partner organizations, parents of program graduates, students, and community influencers/leaders. Also at this event, alumni who have met all training requirements will be awarded certificates.


PIN’s Code Camp will commence from 19 – 30 September across the three L.I.F.E. Centres. The participants at Ajegunle L.I.F.E. Centre will learn HTML, CSS, and Java programing; Aba L.I.F.E. Centre will learn HTML, CSS and Javascript; Dakata L.I.F.E. Centre will learn Google App Development. We are excited to introduce programing skills to another set of young people in Lagos, Abia, and Kano. Please follow us on our website page for training updates

TENT Gathering 2016 will be hosted in Kaduna state from 15 – 17 November, 2016. TENT Gathering 2016 will provide a platform where Nigeria’s budding technopreneurs can converge to share ideas and experiences. Students will also pitch their demos in a competition for the N1million Taiwo Bankole prize and will have the opportunity to pre-register their demos ahead of TENT Gathering 2016. The selection process for this year’s event is in two phases: the first phase starts from 1 – 21 October, while the second phase will be at the venue in Kaduna State. Only the best 30 entries will be selected. The selected entries will compete in Kaduna at TENT Gathering 2016 venue for the N1million Taiwo Bankole Prize.

Demo--submission--TENT Register-TENT

Students in any Nigeria tertiary institution can register to compete for the N1milion Taiwo Bankole Prize here. Please feel free to share the link with any of your contacts who are students.

We seek more student collaborations as we extend TENT@School clubs to other Nigerian tertiary institutions. We will be happy to read from you via tent [@] on suggestions or collaborations to make this happen.