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Request for Proposal (RFP) for Dubbing & Post-Production of Training Day Short Movie

  Paradigm Initiative (PIN), a social enterprise advocating for digital rights and inclusion in Africa, seeks to obtain the services of professional movie producers, for the post-production (French dubbing) of our short movie, Training Day. The film is based on Paradigm Initiative’s 2019 Digital Rights in Africa report, featuring the story of a young man whose quest for work took an unexpected turn. The movie (available for free download on PIN’s website and available on YouTube) showcases the 2019 Africa Digital Rights report in a different way to resonate with a wider audience. The movie is in English, with French and English subtitles.


To ensure the distribution of the movie for Francophone audiences and stakeholders, Paradigm Initiative is looking for a movie production company to French dub the film. The movie production company should have modern production equipment and qualified personnel capable of dubbing the movie with guidance from our internal communications team.

The movie production company will need to:

  • Meet with the Paradigm Initiative team and the original producer to understand the narrative and get accurate data for the dubbing.
  • Deliver original French video files.


The movie production company will: 

  1. Review the original script and narration for overall dubbing in French, explaining step-by-step actions.
  2. Align the adaptation closely with the style and tone of the original, while keeping it perfectly synchronised to the actors’ lips, expressions and body language.
  3. Record and use standard French narration and prepare background music for the movie.
  4. Finalise the dubbing according to the feedback provided by Paradigm Initiative.
  5. Finalise any type of data (scripts, images, clips, etc.) after the consultation and approval.
  6. Use the latest high-quality dubbing software.


Movie dubbing requires high level technical/professional expertise and creativity; therefore, the successful applicant is required to:

  • Submit three examples of past French video dubbing productions they have directly produced.
  • Demonstrate competency in developing and dubbing movies/films in French.

Supported French accents include France, Swiss or African (Togo, Cameroun, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Congo, Benin, Tchad, Cameroon, Gabon, RCA, Niger, Mali, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria).

The proposal should provide the following information:

  1. Technical proposal: Outline and methodology for undertaking the video dubbing, as well as, the detailed work plan showing the assignment’s important activities and milestones.
  2. Financial proposal: Including a detailed quotation for the production showing all necessary costs.
  3. Contact details of three references.
  4. Updated production portfolio including relevant creative development work and qualifications.


Please submit proposals and portfolio information to by midnight on September 10, 2020. Any questions regarding this RFP should be directed to the above eMail address.

For more information about PIN, visit

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