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Request for proposals (RFP) for translation services, English to French & Swahili

Paradigm Initiative (PIN), a social enterprise advocating for digital rights in Africa, requires a technical proposal and cost quotation from qualified individuals or agencies to translate and lay out the document design of its digital security toolkit.

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to select a suitable vendor(s) for the provision of translation services from English to French and English to Swahili. Work to be performed is the translation, revision and proof-reading of PIN’s digital security toolkit.

Projected Timeline

Issue Date: August 24, 2020
Submit Questions by: August 31, 2020
Response Deadline: September 11, 2020
Expected Award: September 18, 2020
Expected delivery: October 19, 2020


  • Perfect mastery of the language(s) in question (French, Swahili) and excellent knowledge of English
  • Specialized knowledge of digital rights and Internet governance is a strong asset
  • Experience in performing translations on digital rights is an asset
  • Excellent drafting skills and high-quality written style
  • Excellent communication and analytical skills
  • Sensitivity to context and the target audience
  • Adaptability and flexibility required to work under pressure and to meet short deadlines

Financial proposal

The financial proposal should cover the full contracting period and propose a standard fee per 1,000 words.

Submission Requirements

PIN requests interested individuals or agencies to provide the following:

  • Capability Statement: Not to exceed a three-page narrative on the individual’s or agency’s  capabilities to perform the scope of work indicating past experience in translation and document design.
  • Timeline: PIN anticipates contracting the awardee by September 18, 2020, and anticipates that the contract will last until October 19, 2020. The timeline will be finalized when the firm is selected.
  • References: A minimum of three (3) client references worked with in the past two years, on an activity that is similar to this Scope of Work. Include the contact information (names, company or organization, phone number and email).
  • Staffing: Where applicable, names and CVs including their experience on this type of work.
  • Cost Proposal: The cost proposal will be based on the scope of work indicated above. All expenses should be aggregated into fixed price amounts per deliverable (1000 words).

Selection Criteria 

PIN is issuing this RFP requesting that each vendor provide us with a brief proposal. PIN intends to issue one or more fixed price agreements to the vendor whose proposal contains the combination of those criteria offering the best overall value. Evaluation factors are a total of 100 points, apportioned as noted in the following:

  • Technical qualifications 50 points
  • Past performance  20 points
  • Cost  30 points

Contract mechanism

PIN will issue fixed payment(s) based on submission and our acceptance of deliverables or measurable performance milestones.  Once a purchase order is issued, it will include a fixed price payment schedule with deliverables/milestones specified in the Scope of Work. 

PIN may reject any or all offers, accept offers other than the lowest-price offer, and/or make multiple awards.

Terms and Conditions

Vendors are responsible for review of the terms and conditions described.

RFP Submission Procedure

Please submit proposals and portfolio information to by midnight on September 10, 2020. Any questions regarding this RFP should be directed to the above eMail address.

For more information about PIN, visit

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    Hello team Paradigm Initiative,

    My name is Ransford Adjetey, Director of Accentglobe Language Consult. An internationally certified and recognised translation firm based in Ghana with over 10 years of track records providing translation and interpretation services for both local and international organisations.

    It would be a great honour for our outfit to establish a professional agreement with you in view of providing translation services.

    You would find our website below for further information regarding our services.

    Kind regards,

    Ransford Adjetey
    Director, Accentglobe Language Consult

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