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#PINternetFreedom Chat With Seember Nyager (@Seember1)

With the increase in online transactions in all ramifications in this digital age, the need to protect the personal information of users from threats has become necessary. Some countries have codified laws to protect the data of their citizens online and offline. However, Nigeria still lags behind in this regard.

Our guest Seember Nyager discussed these issues and more as it affects the right to privacy of information.  Check out the chat below in case you missed it

Seember’s specialty lies in the utilization of the law, media and technology towards inclusive Governance. In the last decade, Seember has coordinated the development and deployment of a globally recognized, award-wining Governance monitoring portal in Nigeria ; which was developed to support the operability of reform laws including the Public Procurement Act 2007 and the Freedom of Information Act 2011. Seember provides technical and peer learning support to groups including the National Democratic Institute and Core operations unit of the World Bank Africa region in the formation of multi-stakeholder contract monitoring coalitions in Nigeria and African countries respectively. Seember is one of 17 sprinters, convened by the World Bank Institute, to champion open contracting practices across the globe. Seember along with other Open Contracting sprinters, authored the 1st edition of the Open Contracting Guide . As a member of the Open Data Working Group set up by the Federal Ministry of Communication Technology, Seember has assisted the group in drafting an initial legal and policy framework and a draft open data communication strategy. Seember pioneered rankings on FOI compliance among Nigerian public institutions and has a special interest in the development and evolution of frameworks around economic regulation, Fair Use copyright licensing, cyber-security, data privacy and e-commerce. Seember is a corruption risk assessor and writes independent Governance-related opinions for various platforms including Premium Times.


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