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#PINternetFreedom Chat with Dimgba Kalu (@DKDimgba)

The Internet has evolved as one of the best thing to happen humanity in the 21st Century. This monumental phenomenon has led to an improved living standard as well as economic growth. However, this feat is being challenged by the retrogressive policy of some governments across the globe.

Our Guest for this week would analyses these imminent threats and suggest the way forward. Check out the chat below in case you missed it


Join us on twitter (@PINigeria) at 2pm as we discuss ‘Threats to Internet Freedom‘ with Dimgba Kalu on #PINternetFreedom chat

Dimgba Kalu, a graduate of Computer Science. He works with Integrated Business Network where he is the lead developer for SwishIndex (Nigeria Information Authentication Platform). He also runs (@tech_nigeria), an African focused technology news curator and is a co-founder of LearnCode (An intiative that teaches young Nigerians how to code). He is a Technology/Innovation Fellow of HalaNigeria/Code4Africa. Dimgab Kalu is a member of the coalition for #NetRightsNG. He believes in using technology for SocialGood. He loves every thing internet and technology and is also an ardent lover of codes.  Kalu tweets from @Dkdimgba on twitter

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