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Embracing Collaboration to Promote Internet Safety

Embracing Collaboration to Promote Internet Safety - Windscribe VPN

Every year, a special day is set aside in February to commemorate Safer Internet Day, which aims to promote online safety and raise awareness of the importance of responsible Internet use. It is also an opportunity to discuss achieving a safer and more secure Internet environment. As epitomised by the late American author, disability rights advocate, political activist and lecturer, Helen Keller in her quote, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much,” collaboration is the key to achieving this objective. 

In today’s connected world, Internet safety is becoming increasingly important due to the number of risks people encounter on the internet. Internet users remain at significant risk from digital threats such as cyber-attacks, identity theft, Internet harassment and so on. In order to address these challenges, collective efforts from all stakeholders is required as well as an alliance aimed at promoting a secure Internet.

Various sectors need to work together when it comes to online safety because this way, they are able to leverage the collective expertise, resources, insights and influence of different stakeholders. A holistic approach to Internet safety is ensured through collaboration between different stakeholders, including private sector organisations, government agencies, and civil society groups. For instance, in the development of online safety policies and regulations, governments can consult stakeholders such as industry experts, civil society, and private sector organisations, to ensure that policies are informed by diverse perspectives. Another example is civil society and private sector organisations partnering to develop and deliver online safety capacity-building and training programs.

One such laudable collaboration in response to online safety is Windscribe’s free Virtual Private Network (VPN) giving program. To promote digital rights, online freedom of expression and the right to privacy, Windscribe partners with organisations to provide free VPNs. VPN ensures data privacy by creating a private connection between devices and the VPN server to ensure that any data transmitted from a VPN-enabled device over the Internet remains private. This makes it an essential element of digital security and data protection and a must-have digital security tool.

As Paradigm Initiative, we have joined hands with the organisation Windscribe, in an initiative that will see us distribute free VPN relief codes through the Canadian-based organisation to those who need them. The provision of free or affordable internet security tools to people, especially those who can least afford it will go a long way in creating a better and safer internet for all. 

In response to cyber security challenges, various sectors can draw upon each other’s strengths through collaboration to address the challenges of online safety more effectively, hence creating a safer digital environment for all.

The author is Paradigm Initiative’s Information Technology (IT) Officer.

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