Since 2007, we have worked in under-served communities across Nigeria, empowering young people with crucial digital, life and business skills. We are dedicated to bridging the digital gap, by taking digital inclusion opportunities to young people where they are.

Under our Digital Inclusion program, we have the Life Skills, ICTs, Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship training (simply known as L.I.F.E) and the Techtiary program.


Increasingly, more graduates find it hard to land a good job, or any job at all. Techtiary is our intervention to help undergraduates acquire tech skills and business knowhow that can give them an edge after school. Techtiary club is currently available in 16 post-secondary institutions across Nigeria.


Run out of three dedicated training centres in Lagos, Abia and Kano, L.I.F.E identifies and trains young people who would otherwise not be able to afford a digital skills training. We’ve seen our alumni grow their income by over 200% after their training by putting their new found skills and enthusiasm to good use.