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Call for Londa 2021 Co-Authors

Call for Londa 2021 Co-Authors

3 November – 15 November 2021



Paradigm Initiative (PIN) is a social enterprise that works to connect underserved young Africans with digital opportunities and ensures the protection of their rights. Through its teams, partners and networks across the African continent, PIN monitors the state of digital rights and inclusion in Africa and intervenes with programs and actions that best respond to the challenges.  The digital ecosystem in Africa is marked by digital rights violations which PIN has aptly captured in its Londa reports on the state of digital rights and inclusion in Africa as well as been subject for global deliberations at regional and international platforms such as the Digital Rights and Inclusion Forum (DRIF), Internet Governance Forum, and RightsCon. 

Through the digital rights community, advocacy initiatives are changing the digital landscape ensuring best practices are adopted into policy and legislation in Africa. Meaningful strides in some African countries are being taken to bridge the digital divide and are worth acknowledging.  With this background, it is pertinent that PIN documents digital rights and inclusion violations highlights milestones and makes recommendations for improving the digital landscape in Africa.

Paradigm Initiative seeks the services of researchers on digital rights and digital inclusion from African countries to be co-authors of the Londa report focusing on a specific country. Paradigm Initiative will pay a reasonable amount to the researcher for work satisfactorily completed and submitted. The amount will be disclosed to successful applicants.

Rationale and Scope of the report

PIN seeks to compile the 2021 annual report that gives an in-depth analysis of the state of digital rights and inclusion in Africa by examining violations, gaps, investigating the use and application of policy and legislation as well as drawing key recommendations for advancing digital rights and inclusion in Africa. The report will also draw key themes for deliberation at the upcoming DRIF22 for community engagements and highlight outstanding areas for intervention.  


The report will comprise well-researched country reports which are referenced and submitted by authors from its team members and community. The study of the countries will take a multifaceted approach, combining empirical and desk-research methods to assess both quantitative and qualitative aspects of digital rights and inclusion in Africa. 


  1. Title: Country Report xxxx(name of country) 
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Introduction 
  4. Country Reports

These must include a context and background; identify and discuss the thematic assessment areas, refer to any in-country legal, policy and institutional framework and make recommendations. The reports must also give an analysis of developments from the previous year as reported in Londa 2020 if previously assessed by PIN. The country reports to include and not limited to any of the following thematic assessment areas:

  • Impact of COVID-19 Regulations on digital rights and inclusion.
  • Freedom of Expression online in 2021
  • Privacy, Digital IDs and Surveillance
  • Access to information
  • Internet Disruptions
  • Hate Speech, Misinformation and Criminal Defamation Laws
  • Digital exclusion in Africa and its impact on human rights
  • Digital infrastructure and prioritization of ICT.
  • Artificial intelligence national policy


  1. Developments on Regional and International Frameworks 
  2. Conclusion 


Required expertise and qualification 

  • Good understanding of the country to be reported on;
  • A relevant postgraduate qualification. 
  • Expertise, knowledge, and experience in digital rights and inclusion. 


Rwanda Namibia Uganda Tunisia Malawi
Ethiopia Botswana South Africa Egypt Tanzania
Ghana DRC Togo Côte d’Ivoire Benin
The Gambia Angola CAR South Sudan


Follow the link: to apply.

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