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Broadband Access In Nigeria: Not Broad Enough, Not Qualitative Enough

”With a reported Broadband penetration of approximately 21%3, Nigeria seems to have met
her National Broadband Plan target of reaching “by the end of 2017, a fivefold increase in
broadband penetration over the 2012 penetration rate (of between 4-6%)”. However, with
the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) putting fixed broadband penetration in
Nigeria at 0.01%4, admittedly, the bulk of this broadband access has been through mobile
broadband. Internet penetration in Nigeria is put at 47%, according to the ITU. According to
the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), there were just over 90 million active
mobile internet subscriptions on GSM and CDMA networks as of April 2017.”

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Broadband Access in Nigeria

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