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The PIN brand resonates with my personal goals -Thobekile

Paradigm Initiative (PIN) started operations 15 years ago at the heart of Lagos in Nigeria. The organization has since spread its wings across seven African countries on the continent impacting more than 6,600 under-served African youth with digital opportunities and ensuring the protection of their rights. PIN’s flagship program, LIFE (Life skills, ICT skills, Financial literacy, and Entrepreneurship) Legacy has been instrumental in the achievement. Behind this achievement is a team that works tirelessly. This year we have initiated a campaign known as #FacesofPIN through which we learn more about our staff members, what they do, their inspiration, and lessons, among others.

Ms. Thobekile Matimbe, spoke to us and this is what she had to say: 

What do you do for the organization?

Thobekile: I am honored to serve at PIN as Partnerships and Engagements Manager. Through this role, I promote human rights online across Africa. 

What is your inspiration, or what inspires you in life?

Thobekile: In my life, God inspires me to do better and serve with integrity. I am also inspired by the ideal Africa that I envision. It is a place where humans exist with dignity, equal opportunities, and peace. This is my drive hoping that mile by mile, I make a difference. 

What do you love about your job?

Thobekile: I enjoy influencing policy and practices and engaging with different stakeholders to ensure implementation across Africa.  My job gives me a view of the continent. From where I stand, there is an abandoned natural water source. The human rights landscape can be green if the appointed custodians choose to water it. My job allows me to draw attention to that natural water source, which in this case represents fundamental rights and freedoms calling for duty bearers to do the needful. 

What do you love about PIN?

Thobekile: I love what PIN stands for, connecting African youth with equal opportunities and digital rights for all. It’s a selfless mission focused on impact. I am happy to be a part of the PIN brand which resonates with my personal goals. PINs’ best place to work mantra ensures an enriching work experience and culture. The leadership is deliberate about this and that is awesome!

What are some of the lessons you have learned over the years? (This could be regarding work or life)

Thobekile: I have learned to have fun at work and the importance of mentoring others. It’s a leadership journey that makes you accessible and inspiring. 

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Thobekile: I enjoy watching movies, writing poetry, and baking. 

My words of wisdom 

Time eludes many 

Winds that blow are plenty 

Missed moments so worthy 

The cure is to be early

Run with a vision 

For a better season

Taking up the fusion 

Of passion and reason


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