Strategic Litigation

At Paradigm Initiative, we employ strategic litigation as one of our advocacy tools. Over and again, we have found that litigation, when done right, proves to be a powerful instrument for the enforcement of rights as well as a reminder to the Government that they are accountable to the people. Our litigation efforts are public interest and are always aimed at producing a broad impact on society.

The Cybercrimes Matter

In 2016, Paradigm Initiative together with the EiE Project and Media Rights Agenda, made an application to the Federal High of Court of Nigeria against the Attorney General of the Federation, the National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Inspector General of Police, to enforce the fundamental human rights to freedom of expression and the press and the right to privacy of citizens, telegraphic conversations and telegraphic communications.

Our major argument was regarding Sections 38 and 24 of the Cybercrimes Act were illegal and unconstitutional as they violated and were likely to further violate fundamental rights to privacy and the freedom of expression respectively.