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Press Release: Your online data belongs to you and must be protected, declares Paradigm Initiative.

Paradigm Initiative is joining stakeholders within the digital sphere through an international effort to commemorate Data Privacy Week, to empower individuals and businesses to respect, and safeguard the privacy of online users.

Digital Rights are Human Rights and to that end, we call on stakeholders, policymakers, governments, academia, businesses, and the general public to be intentional in sensitizing the masses and cautiously considering measures to ensure that the right to privacy and the is given due consideration in the way data is collected and stored. 

Paradigm Initiative will persist in its efforts to monitor and support the rightful use of data collection, and its protection. We have also kept a watchful eye on the policy landscape of data protection in Africa as well the authorities in charge of this mandate. We have drafted several policy briefs, carried out workshops and research to best evaluate data protection situations in Africa, as well as developed several tools to help curb the malaise within the continent. 

Some of our recent publications include the  DPA report that maps out the state of data protection legislation and authorities in Africa, Assessing Data Protection in Nigeria and Towards a Data Protection Legislative Framework in Nigeria which highlights the impact and effectiveness of the Nigerian data protection regulatory framework across different thematic areas, and Nigeria’s legislative and regulatory journey towards enacting comprehensive data protection legislation. These reports offer some great conclusions and recommendations to ease data protection and privacy.

Equally important are our tools of impact such as a platform that enables online users to report digital rights violations in Africa including breaches of online privacy, and a proactive toolkit for African digital rights actors aimed at addressing the growing need to safeguard digital rights defenders, journalists , whistleblowers, and others working with sensitive information in the global South.

As every activity involving digital technologies leaves a trace, we are optimistic that stakeholders and major actors within the digital space will use the Data Privacy Week to educate users about privacy in the digital age, how to identify whether their personal information is being used, what measures to be taken to prevent data breaches and how to seek redress where necessary.


For further information, please contact:

Valery Njiaba | Communications Officer | Paradigm Initiative, Yaba, Lagos | Email:

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