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PIN’s Executive Director, ‘Gbenga Sesan, Makes a Strong Statement at TED Salon on Fairness and Our Future.

The TED Salon: Fairness and Our Future, a virtual program in partnership with UNDP, touches on how we ensure that tomorrow is better than today, not just for ourselves but also for future generations and the entire planet. Discussion on this program was led by four speakers from diverse sectors, Sarah Brosnan a primatologist, Angela Mahecha Adrar a climate justice leader, Achim Steiner a sustainability champion, and ‘Gbenga Sesan tech inclusionist and Executive Director of Paradigm Initiative.

“Inequality must be seen as the global epidemic that it is,” says tech inclusionist ‘Gbenga Sesan. He speaks at TED Salon: Fairness and Our Future, in partnership with the UNDP, on December 9, 2020. (Photo courtesy of TED)

‘Gbenga Sesan explains “We must eradicate inequality by giving everybody fair access to technology”. Centuries of inequality can’t simply be solved with gadgets — we need to supply training and resources that fully level the playing field, says ‘Gbenga Sesan. He started the Paradigm Initiative, to help those in his native Nigeria learn how to use technology in a way that sustains their hopes and dreams and ultimately leads to greater development for the entire African continent. In creating systemic solutions for tackling the inequality that 40 percent of the world experiences Sesan seeks to create lasting fairness for all by offering the opportunities, support, and equal advantages for the next generations to succeed.

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