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Paradigm Initiative Partners with Ghana Institute of Journalism to Advance Digital Rights.

Paradigm Initiative (PIN) is thrilled to announce its partnership with the Ghana Institute for Journalism (GIJ) to host the Digital Rights and Inclusion Media Fellowship (DRIMF) Digital Rights and Inclusion in Africa course (DRIA Course). The DRIA course will be offered to 30 students at GIJ who are carefully selected by the institution through a competitive process. PIN hosts innovative learning on digital rights and inclusion in Africa and enhances the capacity of media practitioners to monitor and report on digital rights. The course will run from the 11th to the 29th of October 2021 and facilitated by GIJ together with exceptional experts on digital rights in Africa. 

‘This collaboration takes PIN’s DRIMF Fellowship to West Africa and hopefully, it can be a course which is embedded into the Journalism curricula at GIJ in the future, said PIN’s Community Manager, Thobekile Matimbe. PIN also hopes that the course will go beyond the reach of participants in Ghana and extend to fellows from the West African region, expanding digital rights and inclusion knowledge to upcoming and early career media practitioners. 

PIN and GIJ welcome the 30 students to an exciting course and are excited to offer a research grant to an outstanding student. We thank our team of committed experts facilitating the DRIA course and applaud them for their dedication to improving the digital rights space in Africa.


Valery Njiaba | Communications Officer | Paradigm Initiarive |

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  1. Thank you for the opportunity, I am privileged to be a participant from GIJ and I am learning a lot.
    Thank you Paradigm Initiative (PIN)

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