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Obioma Chikanma Kelechi: Knowing ICT Has Given Me Life-Changing Opportunities.

After secondary school education, I joined my father who is a fashion designer in the city of aba. I spent four (4) months with my dad but I was so unserious with my affairs in the office. My father and I knew vividly that I needed training. One day, a friend of mine told me about this training but I didn’t pay attention to him. Two weeks later, my dad was listening to magic F.M and heard the advert. He informed me about and emphasized the need the having digital skill. I went down to the office and picked a form.
I knew I needed digital skills but was afraid of paying, too much to any computer center and getting less value. So, I researched paradigm initiative and found out that the value offered is far bigger than the pay. I needed no prophet to tell me that this was the right place to be.

During the eight (8) weeks of training, the only challenge I had was not having a system at home, I could use to practice what I was taught. This made me not be as good as I wanted to.

However, before the training, I had a fear of technology. I thought the Internet was a no-go area. Although I was using a smartphone, I never knew that all of the Apps I was using were connected to the internet. The notion I had about the concept is this “the internet is meant for computer science students since I’m not one, I don’t need it”. But all that changed after the training.

Also, I thought business was meant for the elderly only and before going into business you should have a lot of money at your expense. Most importantly, I thought business was just about making money and going your way.

My learning was easy and fun. The Life skill classes got the best out of me. I enjoyed the lectures because it was more practical than theory; this made my learning easy and fun.

Moreover, knowing ICT is making me take opportunities online that will better my life. Currently, I am doing some online courses since I am yet to get into the university. I am now able to push my dreams and products to the world with the help of these skills. In my family, everyone now knows that life can be easy with the help of technology as I have introduced everyone in my house to it.

Currently, I have three (3) pages of Facebook
a.(Obitex standard designs) which I used in promoting our family fashion and designing business online and my dad has been happy seeing that people place an order for our work through our social media handles which I created now

b. (Mind transformers, Change leaders – mind transformers) which is a platform which I and my friends from AbaLIFE are using to reach out to other young people on social and moral change in our community

c. (SOCINEMA) which a social platform I and my AbaLIFE friend Chukwuebuka Obiakor created that is meant for reaching out to and impacting Teens in our church.

I am currently into fashion design and I also run training for secondary schools and I do volunteer in AbaLIFE in the entrepreneurship classes. I want to learn Web design and management as it will help my business as we grow.

My advice to every young person out there is this “Our world is in an era where everything is now digital skill, you will be left behind. Stop doing power and might, embrace an easy life by getting a digital skill today.

If you want to be relevant, if you want to make money and be respected, you must make up your mind to solve a problem. The world is bowing for entrepreneurs, get a skill and set your greatness in motion today. There is no free cash anywhere in the world. You have to roll up your sleeves and till the ground, for it to produce for you.

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