Life Skills, ICTs, Financial Literacy, and Entrepreneurship

L.I.F.E. is an acronym that stands for Life Skills, ICTs, Financial Literacy, and Entrepreneurship. The training program is a capacity-building initiative designed to improve the lives of under-served youth in host communities. A baseline study usually precedes the setting up of each L.I.F.E. Training Centre. The program focuses on youth who do not have the financial capacity to acquire relevant ICT, Entrepreneurial and Life skills that can make them compete in the workplace

We work closely with underserved communities and youth (ages 12 – 28 years), providing the access to web-enabled technologies, digital literacy training, entrepreneurship and life-skills training, online work training, connection to short-term internships, and supporting youth to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams

A careful selection process ensures that the school admits only those who need the intervention the most, have the highest motivation, and a deep interest in ICTs. Detailed orientation sessions with both the selected applicants and their parents or guardian serve the purpose of carefully communicating details of the training, including course requirements, clauses on conduct, rules & regulations. This process helps to commit students to a near perfect level of attendance throughout the training.

The L.I.F.E. Centre serves as a knowledge hub where youth from the community can be empowered for the world of work. It also serves as a center for the advancement of workplace preparedness for the program beneficiaries.


AjegunleLIFE started from cyber cafes in 2007, where beneficiaries were trained with the public facilities


The AbaLIFE Training Program commenced operations in October 2014 after a successful baseline study across four cities in south-eastern Nigeria in July of the same year.


We opened the DakataLIFE Centre in Dakata, Kawaji, Kano State, in January 2016. The centre was established after a baseline study in North West Nigeria.

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