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Echoes from LIFE: Ekpe Issac Daniel

An old friend of mine introduced me to AjegunleLIFE program. One of the things that inspired me to join was the change I noticed in my friend. Prior to the training, he was a thoroughly careless and carefree guy. All of a sudden he had been transformed into this serious-minded person. I was intrigued by that change and wanted the same for myself. Another thing was he told about computer programming which he learnt at AjegunleLIFE. That was the first time I heard about computer programming, and it sounded like something that was going to be worthwhile. These two things inspired me to join the AjegunleLIFE program.

You need to understand where I was coming from.  I sincerely thought technology was only meant for graduates and wealthy people. Before I joined the program, I thought business was just all about owning a shop, so the thought of starting a business never crossed my mind. Rather I was thinking of going to school, get a job and manage my life anyhow. But now I have discovered what entrepreneurship is, that business can be more than a shop, and one can even run a business online.

My knowledge in ICT before the program was very little, because my schools didn’t have computers, and we were not taught computer.

AjegunleLIFE was, therefore, a life-changing experience for me. Within ten weeks, I had gone from not knowing how to boot the computer to using CorelDRAW to make design and playing around with Java. I had learnt how to save money and make investments now. I had learnt how to build a business and sustain in. Within ten weeks, I was fired up to go conquer the world.

Now, I am planning to own a company that will create websites for corporate organization and private individuals. My next step is to learn more programming languages and deepen myself in ICT know-how. Paradigm Initiative has given me a strong foundation,  now it is my job to build a great structure on the foundation.

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