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Echoes From LIFE: Kayode Aina


After my secondary school education, I was idle as I had nothing to do. Once in awhile, I assisted my father with his carpentry work. But it was clear I had no interest in it

A friend of mine, Faruq Abdulrahman (2015D class), who attended the AjegunleLIFE training, told me about it. I realised how he had changed, he was not the same person after his training. He followed his passion which is fashion designing. I wanted to be like him, so I convinced my father to buy me the application form.Kayode Aina (1)

Before the program, I would visit my neighbour to learn a few things about computer but he wouldn’t have much time for me. Attending the AjegunleLIFE program has been a life-changing event in my life. I have always wanted to be a graphic designer and now I can design anything and I have also learnt how to write a business plan.

The ICT class gave me the necessary skills for my dream work and the entrepreneurship class taught me how to start a business and write a business plan. The life skill class helped me improve my communication skill and I’ve being able to work on my attitude.

Presently, I am seeking a graphic design/printing house where I can learn more about graphic designing.

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