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Echoes From LIFE: Jackson Ubong Kingsley

I came to the AjegunleLIFE center as a street boy and I wasn’t expecting much from myself or life. I didn’t want to attend because I thought it was going to be too strict for me to handle. It is a totally different story today; I can say that I got my sense of direction from the training.

I never had any serious ambiton or the intention of going to school, but I am now a final year student at the Olabisi Onabanjo University where I am studying laboratory technology.

I never had access to a computer before the training, the program gave me the opportunity. The program changed my life.

I encourage the current beneficiaries to strive beyond self or societal constraints limiting them from maximising their full potentials. They should try to create milestones and stop at nothing to pass them. Thank you to Paradigm Initiative for shaping my destiny.

  • Jackson Ubong Kingsley, 2014B AjegunleLIFE

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