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Echoes From LIFE – Inspiring Stories From Unlikely Places: Ukasoanya Chinazaekpere

Chinaza was an apprentice, learning to lay building tiles when he heard about the AbaLIFE  Program. What fascinated him the most was that he would have an opportunity to learn ICT skills, which he considered as something that could change his fortune.

Like many young people in Aba who have had early exposure to artisanship; he found the entrepreneurship aspects of the training very relevant to his daily life. Chinaza found new dreams going to the classes and knowing that he could be a tile installer with a difference.

Chika Uka3

After the  AbaLIFE 2015A training, Chinaza started to look for jobs. “We had been taught to market our skills and bid for jobs.” In a short while, Chinasa landed three jobs which had all been successfully completed as at the time he told his story (2015). “I would never have been confident enough or believed I was good enough except for the skills that I learnt during the AbaLIFE  training. I learnt to believe in myself.” He says.

Chika Uka1

He had lost hope of furthering his education beyond secondary school due to lack of resources but now he is bold about the fact that he will return to school. “I have skills and I am making money. I will be able to pay my way through the university where I intend to study Civil Engineering.” He said happily.

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