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Echoes From LIFE: Ekong Vivian

I worked as a fashion designer before my AjegunleLIFE training. I was also preparing to take the JAMB UTME. My sister, Nancy Ekong (2016A class) told me about the program and all the benefits it presented.

I used the computer before my training, but not really for productive activities, while I was in secondary school; it used to be a game console for me as I had not realized other uses of the computer. I am naturally a reserved individual and also a shy person, but this training cracked my shell and I was able to develop good communications and interrelation skills with other students.

The LIFE skills classes and entrepreneurship development classes have improved my mindset with a positivist and business oriented one; as I now see life from a brighter perspective that I can make the best of my life irrespective of the community I live in, I realized that I could go out or in fact make it within the community no matter what.Ekonj Vivian (3)

Now that I have concluded my training, I am going to continue my fashion designing job as I await my tertiary entrance examination. I also want to revisit snail rearing business as I earlier opted out of due to my unserious attitude. Now, I want to take it more seriously and integrate my new entrepreneurial and financial readiness skills into it and see where it goes. Even when I gain admission, I still want to have my chains of businesses. I am really inspired to be the best I can, thank you Paradigm Initiative!!

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