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I became aware of AjegunleLIFE through my computer teacher who usually volunteers for the program.

My initial plan after I graduated from secondary school, was to learn a skill (Makeup). But when I heard about the LIFE program from my teacher, I chose to join the program because I wanted to learn more about ICT and entrepreneurship, which I know will be useful to run my makeup business.

Before I joined the program, my ICT knowledge was negligible. I was not taught computer in the secondary school I attended, and the school didn’t have computers. The few times I had access to a computer, I just played games on it, because that is the only thing I knew how to do with a computer.

When I joined the training I was prepared to go an extra mile to get the knowledge that I wanted. And am glad I did. I learnt a lot. Now If I wish to apply for a job, I can write a good CV and proudly include my ICT skills. Also, I have a good knowledge of entrepreneurship that I can use to establish my own business.

My plan after the program is to acquire makeup skill I initially wanted to learn before the program. I plan to use the knowledge I have on entrepreneurship and social media marketing to promote the business. I also have plans to further my education in a higher institution.

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