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Call For Applications: Nigeria Digital Rights Academy and Litigation Clinic 2021

Applications are now open for Paradigm Initiative’s annual Digital Rights Academy and Litigation Clinic 2021. The Digital Rights Academy is aimed at building the capacity of African civil society organisations, journalists, advocates and others to understand, advocate and defend digital rights on the continent. The Litigation clinic is an academy to train Lawyers specifically on handling issues of Digital Rights tailored to the Nigerian context.  

Now more than ever, the subject of human rights online has become more important with digitalization shaping the majority of  today’s economic and social activities. With incessant digital rights violations that manifest in form of social media bans, internet shutdowns, cyberbullying, arrests of activists and data privacy invasions amongst others, the subject is not only relevant to policy makers, journalists, advocates, and civil society organizations who work around the theme of human rights online and ICTs for Development but also  individuals who are interested in and rely heavily on the use of the internet for activism, advocacy or civic engagement.

The objective of this academy is to create awareness of the key digital rights issues in Africa and equip participants with the requisite knowledge required to actively participate in digital rights advocacy through their various means of expertise. 

The Academy will take place physically from August  23rd to 27th , 2021 in Abuja, Nigeria.



This call is open to individuals who live and work in Nigeria.

How to apply 

Please complete the application form here:   

Deadline for submission  is Monday, August 9th 2021. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.


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