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Vacancy: Regional Lead – East Africa

We are looking for a brilliant individual to join our Programs team as Regional Programs Lead – East Africa. The successful candidate will report to the Programs Team Leads, providing essential support to Programs and working with other team members to achieve projects’ success; to manage the programs and events in East Africa, relevant to accomplishing the organization’s strategic goals and objectives and establishing networks with other institutions.

Job Summary:

The main responsibility of a Regional lead is to oversee the development of the organization’s programs in the region under coverage. To organize, coordinate and manage programs and activities relevant to accomplishing the organization’s strategic goals and objectives, as well as to establish networks with relevant stakeholders and build and manage Paradigm Initiative’s network in the region

This includes project management, stakeholder management, project strategy, budget management and identification and monitoring of relevant policy developments within the scope of Paradigm Initiative’s strategic focus.

Roles and responsibilities:

     Programs Planning and Implementation

Team Focus: Paradigm Initiative Programs team covers three areas, namely; LIFE Legacy, Policy and Capacity Building.

  • Plan and design programs and events; proactively monitor its progress, resolve issues and initiate appropriate corrective action, where required.
  • Impact the organization’s output by developing and interpreting initiatives and new trends in program development.
  • Render advisory services to the Senior Programs Manager on contextual dimensions to program planning, implementation, development and sustainability.
  • Ensure effective quality assurance and the overall integrity of the program – focus inwardly on the internal consistency of the program and outwardly on its coherence, interface with other programs and Paradigm Initiative’s Community and advocacy work.
  • Provide essential support services to the team on a regular basis.
  • Provide regular updates of all planning processes, practices and program methodology
  • Prepare, collect and collate all reports of completed programs and events



  • Interpret the organisation’s  program strategies and policies as applicable in your region 
  • Develop and manage the administrative need of the regional office in coordination with the Admin team
  • Assist in administering training for other support staff and team members
  • Monitor and document policy development around digital inclusion and digital rights  in your region
  • Log complaints and problems associated with running the programs effectively
  • Support the administrative team when the need arises
  • Ensure timely completion of programs within set deadlines.     
  • Effectively use the organisation’s work tools such as calendars, Smartsheet and timesheets to document project plans, project and activities schedule and project reporting
  • Help unit members achieve at least 75% in performance evaluation measurements


       Resource Control and Financial Management

  • Effectively manage tools and resources for program implementation.
  • Keep records of all financial transactions associated with program processes and completion
  • Ensure proper management of all budgetary allocations for program management
  • Send accurate monthly financial records to the Finance unit while staying within the limits of approved budgets.
  • Collaboratively work with the team to ensure effective usage of resources


        Research and Fundraising

  • Research and develop materials and reports that outline the successful completion of programs
  • Identify and work with the Senior Programs Manager  to contact potential funders for funding and identify other income streams for the program
  • Work with the Senior Programs Manager and the rest of the team to write grant applications
  • Develop a budget and operating plan for each program
  • Contribute to the analysis and communication of key digital policy developments in your region by developing at least four (4) policy briefs every year
  • Contribute to reports and research on Digital Policy developments
  • Total research and activities output must have at least a 25% Digital Inclusion element to reflect the ongoing merger of PIN’s program


        Community Relations

  • Identify, develop and promote partnerships with other external organizations
  • Manage communications with all stakeholders
  • Provide the communities with relevant information about PIN’s programs and events
  • Represent the organisation in key and strategic events relevant to the organisation’s industry
  • Plan and conduct outreach activities to enhance and sustain existing and future networks with potential partners and funders
  • Strengthen PIN’s networking with funders, foundations and other relevant organizations to develop grant making and programmatic partnerships and collaborations
  • Promote the use of Paradigm Initiative tools such as RIPOTI and AYETA



  • Identify communications opportunities and strategies to raise awareness about PIN
  • Document all programs activities in your region and work with the communications team to ensure visibility for them
  • Write periodic blog posts documenting project activities and interventions by Paradigm Initiative in your region
  • Maintain consistent communication with your team lead and the senior program manager on all program activities
  • Collaborate and communicate with other team members towards achieving program efficiency 
  • Represent PIN at media engagements, interviews and other required media representation, communicating the organisation’s work, values and objectives through such opportunities.


Key Performance Indicators 

  • Capacity Building – Host/facilitate at least 2 different capacity building programs within your region every half year.
  • Partnership/stakeholder engagement – Expand the partnership database with 10 consistent new partners every half year including media partners for your Region with evidence of relevant and consistent communication/engagement with the identified stakeholders/partners.
  • Strategic Litigation – Minimum of 2 cases initiated per Region every half year, either as PIN or as PIN plus others or supported by PIN (Financially, technically{including the provision of expertise to the litigating partner}). A minimum of 5 cases will be required for the Anglophone region every half year.
  • Establish relevant contacts and rapport at the National Assembly/Parliament of at least 2 countries within your Region annually and have reliable access to the relevant people and documents
  • Improve PIN’s relationship with at least 8 relevant ICT Policy government institutions and be the source of information for new policy development every half-year
  • Policy – Identify 2 detrimental factors/happenings that affect digital inclusion and digital rights in your Region every half year. Strategically draft and release at least 2 policy briefs every half year to address them. 
  • Author at least 3 blog posts covering multiple countries within your Region every half year.
  • Send monthly accurate financial records to the Finance and Admin Unit based on approved budgets, activities carried out and events hosted within the year.
  • Funds mobilization – Mobilization of funds to meet resource needs for the PIN’s program in your region and beyond. 
  • Identify at least 4 opportunities every half year, highlight the requirements in each case, share a project idea and work on the execution of the project idea with your Line Manager
  • Reporting – Annual detailed error-free reporting of ALL activities implemented, supported or monitored in the Region including participation in activities organized by external partners. 
  • External events must align with Paradigm Initiative’s strategic objective in the Region.
  • Role in such external events should be clearly stated.
  • Communication – Ensure that at least four posts of engaging, relevant and important events from the Region are effectively communicated to the Communications team monthly.



  • Effective writing, listening and speaking communication skills 
  • Attention to detail and error-free reporting
  • Organizing and task management
  • Punctuality
  • Use of productivity tools – Google calendar, time sheets, smart sheets
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Courtesy and respect for others
  • Respect for constituted authority
  • Managing and embracing change
  • Fosters teamwork
  • Patience
  • Self-development
  • Creativity and taking initiative
  • Achieving results
  • Risk management and quality
  • Prompt feedback on tasks and acknowledgement of official communication


Qualification and Experience:

  • Preferably a fully qualified lawyer with license to practise law in their country.
  • Candidates with other relevant qualifications will be considered for the role
  • A background in Policy or equivalent experience
  • Work experience of 3-5 years in supporting programs with multiple stakeholders
  • Flair for and experience in budgeting, writing and reporting
  • Project management and proposal development experience are strongly preferred
  • Experience in program design and training


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Must be a strong communicator; have excellent written, presentation and oral communication in English
  • Ability to understand, write and speak French will be an added advantage
  • Vast knowledge and understanding of program planning, analysis, implementation and development
  • Ability to professionally engage and work with key stakeholders in various settings
  • Demonstrated ability to draft proposals, reports and results of research or other organizational documents with minimal supervision
  • Strong understanding of digital rights advocacy issues
  • Time management and administrative skills
  • Proven ability to set priorities, work independently, take initiative, manage multiple projects simultaneously and meet deadlines
  • Good knowledge of research methods and practices 
  • Competence in the usage of computer systems, software, data and IT applications
  • Good interpersonal skills

The successful candidate must be resident in Nairobi, Kenya.

Remuneration is between $8,400 and $12,000 gross salary per annum depending on years of quality and relevant experience. This comprises annual gross salary and reimbursements (housing, transportation allowance, pension, meal allowance, utility allowance, dependant allowance, communication allowance). 

Other benefits included are 13th month salary, paid vacation, training and development, birthday allowance, medical cover for self, spouse and up to 3 children, bi-annual care package, paid sabbatical leave, paid maternity leave, paid paternity leave, amongst others.

The application closes on July 30, 2022, but the position will be filled as soon as we find the right fit. If you think you are the right fit, do not delay in sending in your application.

Please note that submission of more than one application for this job opening may reduce your chances of being shortlisted. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

How to apply

Apply using the link below –