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#WomensRightsOnline Chat With Chioma Agwuegbo (@ChiomaChuka)

Topic:  Addressing Gender Gap In Ict In Nigeria

As a result of gender roles assigned by the Nigerian culture, many women have been brought up to see technology and its use as reserved for on the male gender. It is estimated that 25% fewer women than men use the Web in developing countries, with this gap widening to 45% in sub-Saharan Africa.

There is an urgent need to bridge this identified gap through a deliberate set of policies and actions by policy makers and relevant stakeholders in the ICT sectors. The government must provide enabling environment through policy formulation and implementation and  must be willing to partner with civil society organizations who are able to reach out to the grassroots to implement any and all of their initiatives for women and girls towards bridging identified digital gaps in ICT in Nigeria.

Chioma Chuka #WomensRightsOnline

Chioma Agwuegbo is a social media strategist and a journalist with experience spanning radio and radio drama production for the BBC Media Action in Nigeria, and Aso Radio and Television Services.

With a Master’s Degree in social media, Chioma has consulted and provided social media strategies for MTV Staying Alive Foundation on Shuga, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), National Broadcasting Commission, Centre for Communication Programmes, Nigeria, USAID funded Chemonics International, dRPC, amongst others. She is a GlobalShaper, and a member of the British Red Cross.

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