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Why You Should Attend #SMWNetRights At Social Media Week 2015 (@SMWLagos)

In the new digitized global environment, human activities have expanded and so has the participation in contemporary debates that ranges from socio-economic survival to political sustenance of the modern society. As this continues, there are bound to be defined rules, obligations and rights of individuals on the virtual space. This brings into sharp focus the importance of online rights and especially as it affects Nigeria.

The laws of the modern Nigeria clearly support freedom of expression with a safe assumption of its extension to the internet. This is why the Internet, especially in Nigeria is seen as a springboard of revitalised, energetic , focused and result-driven activism made possible by the perspicacity of an active citizenry and the enablement of an highly connected social interactions.


This is why the Social Media Week will be used to review debate and postulate common agreements on the state of Internet Rights in Nigeria between its participators. Special attention will be given to the government and administrative posturing as regards Internet Rights given the spate of abuse of rights of expression on the Internet. The legal implications of parties to an expression will also be duly considered to help rewrite the narrative of the discourse of Online Rights in Nigeria. Such other issues to be considered are:

  • Data Privacy and Proliferation of Citizens’ Identity BY Ministries and Development Agencies
  • Mass Surveillance, Lawful Interception by the NCC, SIM Registration by private companies
  • The Cybercrime law vis-à-vis freedom of expression in Nigeria
  • The Digital Rights and Freedom Bill

Interested persons are enjoined to register to attend the event at

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