User Guide

User Guide


The website is fully developed in WordPress. Any technician with a user and administrator profile and knowledge of the CMS can take control and modify every part of the website. 

The following guide presents an overview of the basic functionalities for updating the specific content options available.

Home Template System

The Home page is composed by a Template system that you can edit, remove or activate as you like.

Check how to add a new section on the video below.

Edit Templates

The content of each template that make the home are editable. Select the active templates you want to change and edit the content as you like.

Note: The different designed shapes are also uploaded on the media library.


This dashboard option edits the content displayed on the contact page, check how to update it.


Check in the video how to create and edit the team members.

For display on the about us page select FEATURED inside each profile.

On the TEAM page for the display on the ADVISORY BOARD section check the option inside each profile.


On the following video you can check how create a report from the edit of the categories to the creation of the report and classification of the text so the table of contents is displayed.

Note: upload the pictures on the media section so you have them available or upload them at the moment you are creating the report.


On the following video you can check how create a new page, change slug and edit with Elementor.

Quick Access

You can access to edit main banner through this button

You can access to edit the footer through this button

Editor for Menu: order and name edit 

Editor for Top Bar Menu, edit social network and others 

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