Digital Rights

Since 2017, we have worked to advance Internet Freedom – proposing policy solutions and monitoring the legal and policy framework around ICTs across Africa to ensure that citizens’ rights are protected online. With strong competencies in ICT capacity building, research and reports, we have trained numerous non-profit organisations and educational institutions in the use of ICTs for digital security, online and social media advocacy, etc.

Our Digital Rights Academy Program focuses on building the capacity of Africa civil society organisations, journalists, advocates and others to understand, advocate and defend digital rights on the continent.

Focuses on building the capacity of Africa civil society to understand, advocate and defend digital rights on the continent.


We believe in a world where everyone will gradually become actors in securing a better online experience.


RIPOTI, a bilingual (French and English) digital rights violations reporting platform that will enable the public and others across Africa to register violations and receive redress in a timely and confidential manner.

Strategic Litigation

Our litigation efforts are public interest and are always aimed at producing a broad impact on society.


Our research aims to raise awareness, expose infractions, facilitate advocacy and encourage policy development.

The academy and other engagements we lead are a funnel to the global internet freedom community.

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