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Press Release: Internet outages in Cameroon, Congo and Namibia

Cameroon, Congo and Namibia recorded disruptions on their internet networks between July 21 and 22, 2021. According to the signal databases of the IODA platform, these countries have experienced significant Internet outages. 

The internet network was disrupted in Cameroon on July 21 between 10:55 PM (11:55 PM local time) and 11:35 PM and on July 22 between 2:10 AM (3:10 AM local time) and 3:40 AM UTC.

The disturbances in Congo were recorded on July 21 between 10:50 PM. (11:50 PM local time) and 11:15 PM and on July 22 between 2:40 AM (3:40 AM local time) and 3:25 AM UTC.

In the case of Namibia, the disturbances were as significant as in Cameroon. The signals show two major internet outages on July 22, 2021. The first started at 10:50 PM UTC (12:50 AM local) and lasted for about 30 minutes. The second started at 02:00 UTC (04:00 local) and lasted approximately 90 minutes. A source has confirmed that this disturbance was caused by a broken undersea cable, West Africa Cable System (WACS).

For all the disturbances recorded in the three countries, which exert substantial influences on economic activities and infringe upon the enjoyment of digital rights, Paradigm Initiative expresses its concern and invites operators and governments to take all the necessary measures to limit deliberate or unintentional disturbances to internet networks.

Paradigm Initiative, finally invites Internet Service Providers (ISPS) to share regular updates to ensure transparency on all recorded incidents that affect the internet.


Valery Njiaba | Communications Officer | Paradigm Initiative.

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