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#PINternetFreedom Chat With Tolu Ogunlesi (@ToluOgunlesi)

Social networking sites offer varying degree of privacy. However, this protection is not automatic unless activated by the user. A compromised account due to hacking or carelessness with personal password could lead to incidences of identity theft among other violations of privacy rights.

For instance, a woman’s Facebook Picture was stolen and used in prostitution ads; and LinkedIhn was sued for ‘Hacking’ User Email accounts to Spam Friends. Hence some States have enacted Social Network Privacy laws banning employers from seeking Facebook password of employees, for instance.

Our Guest Tolu Ogunlesi will be doing justice to this subject at 2pm tomorrow Thursday 4th June, 2015 on #PINternetFreedom chat. Join the conversation on Twitter

Tolu Ogunlesi is a journalist and blogger based in Lagos. He is West Africa Editor at The Africa Report magazine, writes a weekly column for Punch newspaper, and regularly contributes to local and international news publications. A two-time winner of the CNN Multichoice African Journalism Awards, he tweets regularly from @toluogunlesi.

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