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UPDATED: #PINternetFreedom Chat with Olu Joseph (@oludaisi)

Digitization has become the common feature in the globalized world thanks to Internet revolution. This phenomenon has given rise to all kinds of innovation in the cyberspace, including digitised economy. Nigeria in particular and other developing countries still lag behind in this regard. Hence, The Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) recently admonished the President-Elect Gen. Mohammadu Buhari Rtd. to shape the future of Nigeria by building a digital economy that is inclusive, innovative and prosperous.

Our guest for this week is Mr Oludaisi Joseph, a practitioner in the field of Digital Economy. He will be discussing ‘Digital Economy with reference to the Digital Rights and Freedom Bill’ championed by the NetRightsNG Coalition.

You can catch up on the conversation below in case you missed it:

Oludaisi Joseph is the CEO of Wallet Innovative Solutions Limited (WISL), with over 25 years work experiences in Information Communication Technology, Internet Marketing, Social Media Consulting and Coaching. He is an active participant and contributor  to pool of knowledge in different organizations including Nigeria Computer Society, Information Technology Association of Nigeria, Computer Professional Registration Council and of course Africa ICT Alliance where he is presently representing the body on the issues of Internet Freedom and Advocacy. Wallet Innovative Solutions Limited operates with different partners across Nigeria, USA, The UK, Australia, Malaysia, Dubai, Egypt and South Africa.

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