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Paradigm Initiative and Start up by A&E law develop Draft COVID-19 Regulations

In a virtual policy sprint that lasted for 72 hours, Startup by A&E Law and Paradigm Initiative led the development of a draft Coronavirus Regulation which States in Nigeria can adopt to guide their response to the global pandemic. The Regulation which was drafted in line with the Quarantine Act (CAP Q2 LFN 2004) sets out a defined lockdown period during which a State Governor may impose such restrictions as may be necessary to help forestall the pandemic. The Draft also has provisions to ensure adherence to defined timeframes to ensure proportionality in its application. The Draft Regulation which has 12 clauses also sets out the declarations prescribed by the Quarantine Act on a dangerous infectious disease and the local area (State) to which it applies.

While speaking on the development, Paradigm Initiative’s Program Manager, Digital Rights, Adeboye Adegoke says that “We have worked with Startup by A&E Law and other members of the Nigerian community online to produce a standard Regulation that reflects our shared commitment to combating this pandemic. As a digital right organisation, we ensured that the draft has digital rights provision to safeguard against potential abuse and to ensure that the measures being taken by States at this time are lawful, necessary, appropriate, periodic, and transparent.

Speaking on the Policy Sprint,  Naro Omo-Osagie of Start-up by A&E Law described it as a glimpse into law and policymaking in an increasingly digitized future. She added that they were inspired to Crowdsource a Draft Regulation for Nigerian States after the Covid19 Policy Hackathon organized by LawyersHub Kenya. She expressed her appreciation to all the individuals and organizations whose support and guidance contributed to the final document. She thanked Lawyers Hub Kenya, the Africa Law Tech Association and in particular, Paradigm Initiative whose collaboration and input made the sprint possible. On the Draft Regulations, she further stated that Startup by A&E Law is happy to connect with States seeking to adopt the Draft Regulations for their own use.

About the Organizers

Startup by A&E Law is a specialized division of A&E Law Partnership and the Convener of the Nigeria Tech Law Forum. They offer expertise in Startup Law, Tech Policy, and Business Development for early-stage companies. Through their online platforms, they connect entrepreneurs with practical tools and legal solutions to help grow their businesses. You can find them online at  and on Instagram and Twitter @startupbyande..

Paradigm Initiative (PIN) is a social enterprise that builds ICT-enabled support systems and advocates for digital rights. Its digital rights advocacy program is focused on the development of public policy for internet freedom in Africa, with offices in Abuja, Nigeria (covering the Anglophone West Africa region); Accra, Ghana; Yaoundé, Cameroon (Central Africa); Arusha, Tanzania (East Africa) and Lusaka, Zambia (Southern Africa).



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