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LIFE IMPACT STORY – Ndifreke Ettong

Ndifreke Ettong is a post-graduate student of Delta State University, studying Theoretical Physics.

Speaking on how he heard about the LIFE program and his reason for joining, he said, “I first heard about the LIFE program in 2009. I was just a primary school teacher looking for an opportunity to gain computer knowledge.

What attracted me to join the program was the internship opportunities that the LIFE program alumni were being exposed to and the apt knowledge of ICT and entrepreneurship they got from the training. Also, the career capacity-building aspect was influential in my interest to join the program.”

Before the program, Ndifreke Ettong was unable to use the computer efficiently. With the knowledge he gained from the ICT class, he can now comfortably use a computer for research and communication.

In summarizing the impact of the training, he said, “The lessons were helpful to me in diverse ways which include: the ability to work with and teach computer effectively, good use of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The skills I learnt during the program were helpful in the places I worked in after the training. These places include Rex International Schools and China Civil Engineering and Construction Company (CCECC). My ability to effectively apply the new skills made me a good office administrator. And it was also useful during my undergraduate studies in the university; in carrying out research works and presentations.”



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