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LIFE Impact Story – Saheed Daniel Oluwadamilare 

“Every day at the LIFE training centre was a good learning experience for me.”

My search for a place to learn ICT led me to Paradigm Initiative. I had always wanted to learn ICT because I noticed that knowledge of ICT would give me a better chance at getting a good-paying job. In 2019, I participated in a skill acquisition program, organised in my community. It was at this program that one of the facilitators told me about Paradigm Initiative’s LIFE program. In his words, he said, “They won’t only teach you ICT, they will also teach you how to develop a business plan”. This got me very excited, so I visited the Paradigm Initiative LIFE training centre to get more information and apply for the program.

I was elated when I got selected to participate in the ten-week LIFE program. During this ten weeks training, every day at the LIFE training centre was a good learning experience for me. But I majorly picked interest in Graphics Design and Entrepreneurship training. Prior to the program, I didn’t know what aspect of ICT I wanted to learn, nor did I have any business plan or skill I wanted to learn. So during the entrepreneurship training, when we were asked to come up with a business idea, I was confused at first because I didn’t really know what I wanted. But with the guidance from the facilitators, I did a self-assessment and realized how much I love Photography. I thought to myself having graphic design skills as a photographer would be nice. So my business plan was about Photography, also I made sure to develop my graphic design skills.

Immediately after the LIFE program, I joined my church Media department. My church was impressed with my work and devotion as a Media crew member, so they sponsored me for a six-month photography training. After this six-month training, I got an opportunity, through Paradigm Initiative,  to work at Tworld Studio.  My graphics design skill has been very useful in this job.

The journey into Photography I began in the year 2019 has been a good one. I hope to own a photography studio in the future. I always thank God for the opportunity of participating in the LIFE program.

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