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LIFE IMPACT STORY – Godduwell David Etaoghene

Godduwell David Etaoghene sought out ways to develop skills that would allow him to find a better career and improve his financial situation three years after graduating from secondary school. As a result, he applied for the LIFE program.

“It was a memorable day for me when I was chosen to participate in the LIFE program. I was working as a marketer for a company before starting the program, but I was interested in learning computer skills because of the opportunities available in ICT. The LIFE program was recommended to me by a friend who is a LIFE alumnus. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that the program was completely free, which piqued my interest.

Despite the fact that my primary motivation for enrolling in the program was to learn computer skills, I received far more than I had anticipated. Other things I learned include self-development, life skills, and entrepreneurship. In addition, with the program’s business development training, I was able to create a business plan with the help of the facilitators. This sparked an interest in business planning and development in me. Now I make money from my knowledge by training others.

The skills I obtained throughout the program have been really beneficial to me. Putting everything I’ve learned into practice after the program has been fantastic. I used the skills I learned in the training to land a better-paying position at a telecom company, and I boost my income by teaching individuals how to draft business plans, brand their business, and promote them on social media.”

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