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Exploring Collaborative Opportunities: Paradigm Initiative, ISOC Nigeria Chapter and others to Host Policy Cafe on Internet Technical Standards and Human Rights

Abuja, Nigeria, 1st March, 2023: In a bid to foster collaboration and address pertinent issues surrounding participation of African Civil Society organisations in the Internet technical bodies and domain names in Nigeria, representatives from the Paradigm Initiative and the Internet Society (ISOC) Nigeria Chapter convened for a productive discussion at the ISOC Nigeria headquarters.

The meeting, attended by some key representatives from both organisations, aimed to explore avenues for partnership and exchange insights on crucial topics related to internet governance, with a focus on understanding the impact on how technical decisions and infrastructure design shape online freedoms and human rights, enhancing civil society collaboration with technical bodies, and sharing best practices.

One of the significant outcomes of the meeting was the decision to jointly organise a Policy Cafe, slated to be a platform for discussing and addressing various challenges associated with domain names in Nigeria, in consultation with the Nigerian Internet Rights Association (NIRA). This initiative underscores the commitment of both ISOC Nigeria Chapter and Paradigm Initiative to engage with the community, particularly targeting young individuals, both technical and non-technical, to facilitate an inclusive and informative dialogue.

The Policy Cafe, named “Afrocity Cafe Series” one of the Paradigm Initiatives signature initiatives, is envisioned as a semi-formal gathering where participants can engage in open discussions, share perspectives, and gain a deeper understanding of the technical and policy aspects shaping the domain name landscape in Nigeria. By bringing together diverse voices and expertise, the event aims to foster collaboration, raise awareness, and chart a way forward towards enhancing the internet ecosystem in the country.

“We are excited about the prospect of collaborating with PIN to host this Policy Cafe, we are progressive and open to collaboration,” said Kunle Olorundare, President of ISOC Nigeria Chapter. “It presents a unique opportunity to address critical issues surrounding domain names and internet governance while also empowering young individuals to actively participate in shaping the digital future of Nigeria,” added Adeboye Adegoke, PIN’s Senior Manager, Grants and Programmes strategy.

The Policy Cafe is expected to take place in the second quarter of the year, with further details regarding the event including the role of the Nigerian Internet Registry Association (NIRA) to be announced in due course. Interested individuals and organisations are encouraged to stay tuned for updates and participate in this important conversation.

About Paradigm Initiative 

Paradigm Initiative is a pan-African non-profit organisation working across Africa to advocate for Digital Rights and Inclusion. PIN has worked to advance internet freedom in Nigeria since 2007 and has implemented multi-country programs within the African region since 2017. Throughout the African Continent, Paradigm Initiative (PIN) promotes a rights respecting internet through a team of digital rights advocates dotted in subregional offices in Cameroon, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. PIN’s interventions are in over 28 African countries.


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