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Echoes From LIFE: Mukhtar Usman

Mukhtar Usman (4)

Mukhtar Usman is an alumnus of the 2016C Dakata LIFE class. He heard about the program from a friend who was part of the 2016B class who encouraged him to attend because Mukhtar had informed him he was looking for a place to pick up and develop computer skills. In Mukhtar’s own words, “My life has changed. Paradigm Initiative taught me how to live a productive life and what is expected of me in furtherance of development in my community”.

Mukhtar Usman (3)

After the 8 weeks of training, Mukhtar decided to take on a new responsibility at Government Girls’ Secondary School, Kawaji, where he volunteered to teach Islamic studies. He did this at no cost just as he got his training from our DakataLIFE center. Paradigm Initiative changed my perspective about jobs. My mentality changed from being a job seeker to being a job creator”.

Mukhtar Usman (5)

Mukhtar now deals in sales of cellphone accessories, charging of mobile devices, mp3 and mobile software downloads and distribution. He has obviously tapped into his entrepreneurial knowledge and digital readiness skills to set up something he can call his own. Mukhtar specially appreciates Umar Amir Abdullahi (Program Assistant, Dakata Life) for his hard work, and also every other member of the LIFE team. He appreciates Paradigm Initiative for giving this opportunity without tribalism, sectionalism or religious skepticism.

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