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Echoes From LIFE: Gladys Okpeudo

Gladys Okpeudo (9)

We continue with our #EchoesFromLIFE series this week, and introduce Gladys Okpeudo. She’s of #AjegunleLIFE Class of 2016. Before the #AjegunleLIFE program, Gladys was “helping my mum in her shop and also doing decoration for wedding ceremonies and other events”.

Gladys Okpeudo (2)

On how she got to learn of the program, she said, “My friend, Emem Sampson, an #AjegunleLIFE alumnus [from the Class of 2016C] told me good things about the training and how it helped her! I was very interested in the training so as to become computer literate. Seeing Emem come home to explain what she’d learnt was it.”

Gladys Okpeudo (1)

Through her friend, Emem, Gladys noticed that the program changes the lives of youth. “I want to be a part of this,” she said to herself. “All of the training was good for me but I paid close attention to ICT classes so as to leave with a better knowledge of ICT tools,” Gladys said. She continued: “I never thought I could find a job but the skills from the training landed me a job immediately after my training in December 2016.”

Gladys Okpeudo (5)

Gladys now works with Favoured Computer Systems in Apapa, Lagos, as a Computer Operator. She no longer adds to the youth unemployment data. Hear her: “With this job, I’ll be able to save to continue with my education in a reputable university where I’ll study event management and finally have my own event management company.” We wish Gladys, today’s #EchoesFromLIFE feature, all the very best!

Gladys Okpeudo (10)

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