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ECHOES FROM L.I.F.E: LIFE Program goes beyond just building your confidence in ICT, It also helps to prepare you for life in general.

Here is the story of Mgbeokwere Chika Peace, who joined the LIFE program because she yearned to add ICT to her skill set. Before the program, not having the ICT knowledge was a big problem for me, in fact I avoided anything related to ICT, just to save myself from embarrassment. But deep down I wished to be skilled in using ICT tools, so I could have a shot at landing a good job. Right now, I have substantial knowledge of ICT and I’m confident about my ICT knowledge.

Getting into the program was a very exciting moment for me. I was very happy, because on the day of the interview I saw lots of people who were also present for the interview and getting selected made me feel special.
During the program, I got to learn a lot about ICT, also I was able to develop my business plan, and I learnt how to use the internet for better purposes.

The skills I got during the program has been very useful to me. Most especially the ICT skills. I presently work as a secretary at One Units BDC. At my job, I carry out most of my work on a computer system, and I do it with ease. For instance, I use spreadsheets for daily to yearly reports. I am glad I passed through the LIFE program. The LIFE program goes beyond just building your confidence in ICT, it also helps to prepare you for life itself. To me the facilitators were not just teachers, they were more like mentors because they made us feel like family.