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#PINternetFreedom Chat with Adebunmi Adeola Akinbo (@aareakinbo)

With the rapid pace of growth in internet activities, the tendency for cyber-related crimes particularly cyber squatting has become rampant. The Nigerian cyberspace is not immune to this threat, as anyone could be a target.

Our guest  Adebunmi Adeola Akinbo (@aareakinbo)shared insights on this topic and the role of Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA)’s role as a regulatory body.

Check out the chat below, in case you missed it.

Adebunmi Adeola Akinbo is a Member of the Executive Board of Nigeria Internet Registration Association( NiRA), and has been involved in the day-to-day coordination of events, policy, and training, as they are related to the multi-stakeholder association across his country.

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