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Paradigm Initiative is a social enterprise that builds an ICT-enabled support system and advocates digital rights in order to improve livelihoods for under-served youth. Our programs include digital inclusion programs – such as the Life Skills. ICT. Financial Readiness. Entrepreneurship (LIFE) training program and Tertiary program – and a digital rights program, Magoyi. Across our offices in Nigeria (Aba, Abuja, Ajegunle, Kano, Yaba), Cameroon (Yaoundé), Kenya (Nairobi), and beyond, we work to connect under-served youth with improved livelihoods through our digital inclusion and digital rights programs.

Digital Rights are Human Rights

Improved livelihoods for under-served youth aged 12 to 28.

Vision Statement

Meet the Team

Adeboro Odunlami

Program Assitant (Digital Rights)

Adeboro Odunlami is a lawyer, creative writer, and photographer. Having worked with a range of organizations outside and within the scope of her professional training, she enthusiastically seeks new knowledge and constantly develops her skill set. She is passionate about the relationship between law and technology and hopes to become an authority in the field. She is equally passionate about better laws and policies in relation to the adoption of technology in Nigeria.

Adeboye Adegoke

Program Manager (Anglophone West Africa), Digital Rights

Adeboye manages Paradigm Initiative’s Digital Rights program, in Anglophone West Africa, where he focuses on research and strategic advocacy implementation. Adeboye has educational background in Politics, Economics and Philosophy, as well as professional certification in Public Relations and Communications. He worked in the Banking, Hospitality as well as Media/Advertising sectors before joining the civil society, after successfully managing a Tobacco Control Social Media consulting project. He resumed as Program Manager to, among other things, lead the advocacy effort, which seeks to give Nigeria her first Digital Rights and Freedom Law. A public hearing has now been held for the proposed Law by the relevant committee of the Nigeria’s House of Representatives. His work focus is advocacy for equity and human rights online.

Adeboye’s most important current task is to see the Digital Rights and Freedom Bill become Law in the Nigerian 8th National Assembly (2015-2019). To this end, he is engaging in spirited advocacy effort, focusing on a variety of stakeholders to mobilize support and solidarity for the Bill, which is currently at the Nigerian House of Representatives.

Adeboye has demonstrable skills and expertise in stakeholder engagements. His work is helping him to build very strong multi-stakeholder relations skills as well as Project Management skills. His experience from the private sector has greatly helped his foray into the civil society space as can be seen in his ability to undertake result-oriented tasks, working towards specific goals with specific budgets and defined timelines.

In the short term, Adeboye wants to continue to be at the forefront of civic engagement through policy advocacy work. He wants to continue to play a role in advocating rights-respecting ICT policy in Africa, emphasizing the need to align ICT Policy with the actual developmental needs of African countries in recognition of the role ICTs can play to achieve those development objectives. Adeboye believes the civic space needs committed and consistent players to engage government at different layers to reconcile them with the needs and yearnings of the people. However, long-term, Adeboye hopes to be involved in national politics with interest in the legislative arm of government, where he hopes to be involved directly in the policy/law-making process.

Amina Idris


Amina attended Air Force Primary and Secondary School, Ikeja, Lagos. She studied Biochemistry at Bayero University, Kano, and her hobbies are cooking and reading. She is completing a 6-month internship with Paradigm Initiative, at the Dakata LIFE Centre, in Kano, as part of the Microsoft #Interns4Afrika program.

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