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Oct 28




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Call For Vendors

The following vendors are needed:
Researchers (field and desk)
Live streaming
Translators (French, Swahili, Portuguese)
Interpreters (French, Swahili, Portuguese),
Sign language interpreters
Event managers
Travel Agents
Vehicle hire companies
Logistics Companies

Nigeria, Kenya, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Cameroon

Application Criteria
The business is legally registered with the the country’s corporate affairs commission The business is not a subsidiary, not associated with a subsidiary company, and not owned by an associated individual in a technical partnership or employment with Paradigm Initiative. The business is not under formal investigation and has not been sanctioned within the last three (3) years for engaging in or supporting any illegal, unethical, or fraudulent activities.

Tips for Applying
You are encouraged to prioritize your selection to those categories where your core expertise lies.
Submitting a completed application form does not mean that you will be automatically included in our approved vendor database. Our team will reach out to you to provide more documentation during our evaluation process. Only approved vendors can respond to our RFPs

Apply through the link below