The Techtiary Angel Investment Scheme (T.A.I.S.) aims to remove the burden of financing the early phase of the Techtiary projects, thereby freeing students to focus on finding solutions to the business problems they have chosen to tackle. T.A.I.S. aims to give room for its beneficiaries to focus on their academic work and technology innovation while in school.

The Techtiary Angel Investment Scheme is open to all Techtiary Club students, and they are also qualified to contest for the annual Taiwo Bankole Prize (currently valued at N1M) at each year’s Techtiary Forum.

Below are updates from two of the TAIS beneficiaries:

Olajide Martins Olajide: is a student of Computer Science and Engineering at the Obafemi Awolowo University, currently in Year 5. He is on the Techtiary Club Project and is a beneficiary of the Techtiary Angel Investment Scheme (TAIS). His Techtiary project is called MARS, and it focused  on helping adult content websites screen under-aged users. The solution is not limited to adult content websites only, it cuts across all websites that needs to prevent some of its content from being viewed by young people below 18years. The aim of the project is to make the internet space safer for children and younger teenagers. Martins is open to ideas, criticism and suggestions as he believes he is developing one of the best solutions that would come from Nigeria. The beta version of Martin’s project will be available soon. Martin can be connected via Twitter and Instagram


Brenda Okoro: is a Year 5 Student of Computer Science and Engineering at Obafemi Awolowo University. She is on the Techtiary Club Project and is a beneficiary of the Techtiary Angel Investment Scheme (TAIS). Her Techtiary project is called ‘Mobbi-Check.’ She started developing Mobbi-Check from Year 1, after signing up on the Techtiary Club program with Paradigm Initiative Nigeria. Mobbi-Check allows patients to quickly access medical personnel in real time for first aid tips, especially in the event of emergencies. The app allows users locate the nearest health centre to them, and establish potential life-saving communication before the patient arrives the hospital. It also allows medical doctors to follow up on how their patients are doing without being physically present. Where hospital beds are inadequate, the app has the potential to help the health centres improve efficiency by monitoring the less serious cases remotely.  Brenda is open to ideas, criticism and suggestions to improve this service. Brenda can be connected via FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter.


Mayowa Osibodu

Mayowa an Artificial Intelligence researcher at The Language Project- an endeavour to preempt the loss of the valuable information contained in the world’s endangered languages, with Artificial Intelligence. He studied Computer Science with Mathematics at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria and Intensive Cross-Disciplinary Thinking at the Minerva Schools at KGI, San Francisco, USA . His project involves understanding the phenomenon of Road Accidents with Artificial Intelligence, with the aim of finding ways to attenuate their occurrence. Information on Mayowa can be found here.