Internet Policy Training

At Paradigm Initiative, we employ a proactive approach to ensure that people who are key to Internet Policy decisions and those organizations whose work depend largely on the openness of the Internet – as well as those who engage the government through online activism – understand the policy dynamics around the Internet. Paradigm Initiative has hosted 8 editions of the workshop in diverse locations – a Lagos/national inaugural edition (December 2013), Benin/South-South edition (March 2014), Enugu/South-East edition (June 2014), Abuja/North-Central edition (August 2014), Kaduna/North-West edition (March 2015), Lagos/South-West edition (June 2015), Abuja/North-Central edition (June 2016) and an East Africa edition in Kampala, Uganda, in partnership with the Collaboration for ICT Policy in East and Southern Africa (CIPESA) in September 2016. In 2017, an Internet Policy Training session is scheduled for July in Gambia while two other sessions will hold in Central/Francophone West Africa and East/Southern Africa. To date, we have trained over 200 people from identified target groups such as media, civil society, academia, policy makers, active citizens, activists and others.

We are developing training content consistent with the local realities in each country and we are determined to connect actors in each country through the training as it empowers digital rights advocates with requisite skills and knowledge required to engage constructively in the defence of digital rights in their respective countries. Internet Policy Training is also designed to introduce participants to global best practices around Internet regulations and other peculiar issues. We hope to train 120 people from identified target groups each year, and in different countries across Africa. In addition to training on topics such as Update on Internet Freedom Advocacy in Nigeria; Internet Policy and Social Media; Internet, Internet Infrastructure and Main Actors; ICT Policy in Nigeria; Nigeria’s Lawmaking Process; Global Process, Local Reality: Discussing the African Declaration on Internet Rights and Freedoms; and Internet Policy and Regulation; the training includes group assignments, presentations and a Digital Security Masterclass. We are already in talks with partners in other regions of Africa about the need for a contextualized version of this training, and we look forward to working with them to make this happen.