Media and Digital Information Literacy

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How well do you understand the use of technology?
Do you know the limitations of technology?
Do you understand the dangers and precautions that the use of technology requires?

We all know that traditional literacy is the ability to read and write but in today’s digital world, being literate isn’t enough anymore as people need to be digitally literate as well. Digital literacy means having the technical skills to work and communicate in a society where there is the proliferation of information through digital technologies like internet platforms, social media, and mobile devices.

With the advancement of technology over the years, we now live in a global world. The domination of technology in our everyday lives has proven the importance of digital literacy not just for adults but for children. A very important topic within digital literacy is Internet Safety.

The Digital world has created extreme benefits and advantages for everyone. Without proper use and understanding of these technologies, the digital world can be overwhelming and even dangerous.

Digital literacy can be either simple or complex. It can be as simple as the ability to use social media or send an email. However, digital literacy also refers to a deeper understanding of technology around us which can be practical software skills such as creating a website or an app.

Digital literacy is not just knowing how to check our social media handles. Internet safety or online safety is the act of maximizing a person’s awareness and personal safety to private information and property associated with using the internet.

Generally, the internet does not harm us until we choose to react to suspicious content and websites. The first reason for internet harm is when you don’t know what you are doing. The second is when other forces entice you to react or click on links such as attractive ads, infected software downloads, and fraudulent messages.

Safety tips for online safety

• First, remember never to share your personal information example home address, school name, or telephone number in a chat room with unknown people.

• Never continue a chat with someone who makes you uncomfortable (always trust your instincts).

• Create a complex, unique, and strong password. Use upper, lower, and special characters (you can also have a password in your local dialect).

• Be a selective sharer.

• Always check website reliability.

• Always use two-factor authentication where available.

• Beware of free Wi-Fi and downloads.

• Most importantly remember to NEVER share your password(s) with anyone because that is your digital identity.


Par Amina Ibrahim Idris

Paradigm Initiative Organises Free Programming Training for Undergraduate

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Paradigm Initiative has unveiled a tuition-free program to empower undergraduates with Python programming skills. The first edition of the training took off last Saturday with 36 trainees from three higher institutions in Lagos, namely the University of Lagos, Yaba College of Technology and Lagos State University.

Paradigm Initiative, the pan-African social enterprise working on digital rights and digital inclusion, is organising the training in conjunction with the Python Nigeria group who are providing faculty members for the training.

According to Olayinka Taiwo, the Techtiary Program Officer, “We are pleased to welcome 36 students to the first edition of this important training program. 12 students will be trained on Python for Data Science while 24 undergraduates will be trained on Python for Web. The training is under our Techtiary program which is dedicated to helping undergraduates acquire technical expertise before they graduate.”

“By learning Python, beneficiaries can position themselves for various opportunities in the ever-expanding information communication technology space. Python has been lauded as one of the most lucrative programming languages to learn and its applications are wide-ranging. With the faculty support from the good people of Python Nigeria, we are excited to be introducing this language to more young Nigerians,” Olayinka added.


L'initiative Paradigm accueille le forum Techtiary 2017

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Paradigm Initiative organisera son Techtiary Forum 2017 sur le thème «Geek Entrepreneur - Beyond Coding», du 28 au 29 novembre 2017, dans la salle polyvalente ECWA, 17 Montgomery Road Yaba Lagos,

Le Techtiary Forum est le point culminant annuel des activités des clubs Techtiary d'une année à l'autre des institutions tertiaires du Nigeria. Selon Olayinka Taiwo, Techtiary Program Assistant, à l'initiative Paradigm, «les clubs de technologie sont devenus au fil des années des plateformes où les étudiants lancent des idées technologiques innovantes dès le début de leur éducation tertiaire et développent ces idées jusqu'à l'obtention du diplôme.

Quelque trois centaines d'innovateurs les plus brillants du Nigéria parmi diverses institutions tertiaires se réuniront au Forum pour façonner l'avenir de la scène technologique du Nigeria. Le Techtiary Forum 2017 servira également de plate-forme à nombre de ces innovateurs pour présenter leurs créations technologiques devant des groupes d'experts et concourir pour le prix de 1 million de Naira Taiwo Bankole.

Gbenga Sesan, directeur exécutif de Paradigm Initiative, a noté: «L'avenir du Nigeria ne réside pas dans ses mines et ses ressources naturelles, mais dans l'esprit de ses jeunes les plus créatifs - dont beaucoup seront au Techtiary Forum 2017».

Tope Ogundipe, le directeur des programmes de Paradigm Initiative, a également déclaré: «Ils auront également l'occasion d'apprendre auprès de certains des meilleurs technopreneurs du Nigeria tels que Damilola Solesi de Smids Animation, Ommo Clark d'iBez, Joseph Agunbiade de Budgit et Anike Lawal de Mamalette. Gbenga Sesan, directeur exécutif de Paradigm Initiative, et Akin Oyebode, secrétaire exécutif du Fonds d'affectation spéciale pour l'emploi de l'État de Lagos, prononceront les discours liminaires.Banner

Olufunbi Falayi, PDG de Lead Space, Sheriff Shittu, fondateur de Switch! Express et Modupe Arokoyo, fondateur de Modupe Olobe, entre autres.

Techtiary Forum est un programme phare des programmes d'inclusion numérique de l'initiative Paradigm et constitue notre contribution à la mise en relation des jeunes des communautés mal desservies avec les opportunités liées aux TIC.

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