Digital Rights

In our Modern world where life increasingly is lived across digital platforms, digital rights have become quite important

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Paradigm Initiative opened an ICT Policy Office in the Nigerian capital city of Abuja in April 2013, to focus on Internet Freedom and other ICT Policy-related issues. With strong competencies in ICT capacity building, research and reports, we have trained numerous non-profit organisations and educational institutions in the use of ICTs for digital security, online and social media advocacy, etc. Our work seeks to advance Internet freedom, and monitor the legal and policy framework around ICTs across Africa, to ensure that citizens’ rights are protected online.

Research assignments and reports completed include Research/Analysis on Nigerian Civil Society Involvement in the World Summit on the Information Society; Research on Youth Involvement in the African Information Society Space; Research on eAdvocacy and Technology Use by Civil Society in Nigeria; Research on Internet Activity During Elections for the OpenNet Initiative (Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, Toronto Universities); Research on Possible Internet Censorship in Nigeria, for Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society; Research on Digital Lifestyle of Connected Nigerians; Research on Internet Freedom in Nigeria; Research on Social Media Use in Nigeria’s 2011 Elections and Women Rights Online report for Nigeria.

In May 2016, Paradigm Initiative released a report on the Status of Internet Freedom in Nigeria, which documented the threats to Internet freedom and digital rights with focus on legislative framework and policies in Nigeria, and incidents of these threats.

Paradigm Initiative also released her inaugural report on the status of Internet Freedom in Africa, titled “Chocking the Pipe: How Governments Hurt Internet Freedom on a Continent That Needs More Access” at the 11th Internet Governance Forum, in Mexico, in December 2016.

Internet Freedom Advocacy

Internet Freedom is at risk in Africa and there is a need to understand the surrounding issues within the context of citizen rights.

Internet Freedom Forum

Internet Freedom Forum (IFF) is an arena where tough topical global issues around Internet rights, especially in Africa, are discussed between civil society, technology companies, government, academia and other stakeholders.

Internet Policy Training

At Paradigm Initiative, we employ a proactive approach to ensure that people who are key to Internet Policy decisions and those organizations whose work depend largely on the openness of the Internet – as well as those who engage the government through online activism – understand the policy dynamics around the Internet