Aba L.I.F.E.

The AbaLIFE Training Program commenced operations in October 2014 after a successful baseline study across four cities in south-eastern Nigeria in July of the same year. The baseline study established the dire need for such an intervention among Aba youth due to the lack of relevant skills needed to thrive in the commercial environment.

The AbaLIFE Centre which is located at 17b Ngwa Road Aba, Abia state, Nigeria seats 35 people per training session.

Since the program started on October 20 2014, 814 people have applied, 433 people were admitted and 419 successfully completed the training. 51 AbaLIFE graduates have gone on to secure jobs with the skills acquired, 27 are self-employed, 39 are engaged in apprenticeships, while 52 of them who had almost lost hope, developed the courage to better their lives by securing admission into different tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

In addition to the training, AbaLIFE holds quarterly workshops for alumni and current students.

Program Updates